Wednesday 13 August 2014

Aloe Vera Helps To Heal Skin

Myself and two of my daughter's suffer from varying degrees of dry skin conditions and along with this, it means that our skin is quite sensitive.

The other week I put a post up on my blogs facebook page asking about solutions for soothing heat rash.

A couple of people actually suggested Aloe Vera gel.

Then one of my lovely likers asked me if I would like to review Aloe Vera Gelly from Forever Living.

forever living

I have to admit I had heard of this company before and I was a bit sceptical at just how good the products could be but I was pleasantly surprised.

Aloe vera has historically been used to help treat minor skin irritations.

The Aloe Vera Gelly
aloe vera gelly
which I was sent  is a clear gel which can be used to moisturise, soothe and condition skin. 

It is suitable for babies, children, adults and even pets. 

I liked the gel from the first use. 

It isn't greasy and is easy to rub into the skin, it is also absorbed quite quickly. 

I really liked the fact that it didn't smell and unlike some steroid creams, it doesn't stain your clothing.

The gelly stopped Layla scratching at her heat rash almost instantly, I think because the gel itself has a cooling temperature.

I stored it in the fridge and this kept the gel cool.

I also tried it over the eczema on my face, and although it hasn't vanished, my skin has been left feeling soft to the touch.

This is one clever gel that has multiple uses, as you can use it to help treat/soothe so many things including :

* Sunburn

* Bites, stings, spots.

* Mouth ulcers

* Chicken pox (wish I'd know this at the time)

And much much more.

I have now started using it on Layla's nappy rash and not only has it cleared it up but it has since kept it at bay.

Retailing at £12.24, considering the size of the bottle, I think it is good value for money because it lasts well. You only need to use a small amount each time as a little goes a long way.

Overall I really recommend the Aloe Vera Gelly. An ideal product to have at home, in your changing bag or even in your first aid kit.


Disclaimer : I was sent this product FOC for reviewing purposes 

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