Wednesday 27 August 2014

Keeping Cool in the Office: Top Five Work Outfits

When the sun is beating down on the windows at work, and the air con is trying its hardest to cut through the heat to keep you cool, the last thing that you want to be dressed in is something synthetic, knitted and oversized. Naturally, the type of work that you are in will dictate the sort of clothing that you’re allowed to wear; some industries have a particular uniform available, while some give you the chance to dress in what you like. However, if you have to dress in business attire and you need to look professional at all times, there are still ways in which you can keep cool during the hotter months. 
Here are five gorgeous work outfit ideas that will not only adhere to the business-like dress code, but will also keep you as cool as a cucumber. 
A Shift Dress 

Work dresses are available in various shapes, sizes and colours and the choice you make will depend largely on your individual style. While you may have to wear a tailored suit – in which case, lose the jacket as soon as you can – you may also be able to have a little more personal style by wearing various dress types during your working days. There are plenty of work dresses at George which are great value, including shift dresses that are elegant, stylish and above all, cool. 
Capped Sleeves 
Team a knee length skirt with a shirt with capped sleeves and you will automatically feel cooler than you would in a full sleeve blouse. Choose a blouse in a contemporary pattern to add a little uniqueness to this sophisticated outfit. 

Cropped Trousers 
A pair of cropped trousers, teamed with an aforementioned capped sleeve blouse and a pair of court shoes will not only look professional and smart, but will also give your legs a bit of a breather. Full length trousers limit your ability to stay cool, but a cropped pair enables this, while also ensuring that you look summery and chic inside the office, as well as out. 
If you’re looking for a lightweight, breathable fabric, that isn’t cotton, linen is the way to go. Opt for a cute linen dress, or a pair of linen trousers for a smart/casual look. 
Summer Dresses 
While you may not ordinarily wear a summer dress for a day at the office, you can increase its professionalism by adding a structured, cotton blazer to the mix. 

When it’s hot and humid outside as well as in, it’s not always easy to dress to impress. Think about the colours you plan to wear too – while you will often opt for basic black, grey and navy blue, the summer months mean that the occasional whites and brights should make an entrance. Whether you’re battling with the air con or you’re begging for a little breeze to flow through the closest window, if you stick to lightweight fabrics and mix in some colour, you’ll be feeling summery in no time.
Disclaimer : This post is in collaboration with George at Asda

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