Friday 15 August 2014

Keeping The Summer Holidays Interesting

Last month I signed up to join in with Britmums latest challenge, 42 days of Summer in association with Mcvities BN biscuits.

I think a lot of parents dread the Summer holidays.

There is not only the worry of keeping the kids entertained but there is also the stress of the expense of days out but over the years, I have discovered that having fun need not cost lots of money.

Here is what we have been up to since the kids finished school at the end of July.

1. Gone to the library

Doesn't cost a penny to borrow books and you can visit as often as you like to swap books.

2. Played at the park

I think you will be surprised when you look at just how many parks you have near your home. And as much as people think that the park is only for younger children, I am here to protest, I still love to sit on a swing and see if I can touch the sky.

3. Trip to the beach

I do like to be beside the seaside. Whether it be a sandy beach or one covered in pebbles, there is lots of fun to be had. Building sand castles, searching for hidden treasures or just breathing in that sea air.

4. Feeding the ducks

I do this weekly with my girls. Great way to use up stale bread.

5. Picnics in the garden

You don't have to go out and buy food specifically for this. There are no rules as to what can be eaten at a picnic. I found this the perfect opportunity for the girls to eat the BN biscuits that we had kindly been sent for this task.

6. Geocaching

I wrote a post a while ago detailing what this was all about, now we still aren't very good at it but we are definitely having fun exploring.

7. Visiting family

The girls had a fab time last week visiting their nan down at her caravan, my eldest 2 even learnt to ride bikes without stabilisers!!

Now a traditional British Summer wouldn't be complete without rain, so on the days when we couldn't get out, we still managed to find things to do….

8. Baking

Fun to make cakes and also just as good to eat them after.

9. Movie afternoon/night

Blanket, check. Bowl of popcorn, check. DVD, check. (please not Frozen again!!)

10. Arts and Crafts

I love the my daughter's have huge imaginations. They love nothing more than to get creative, loom bands have helped cure the bordem some days. And this week found them making bags, dresses and hairbands out of paper and tissue paper.

11. Reading

I said earlier about going to the library so I may be repeating myself here but I love books that much that I don't care. I think it is important to keep their brains active when they're not at school. Doesn't matter whether it is a book, a comic or even a catalogue.

There are other things that we plan to do before the holidays are finished.

12. Go to the cinema

If you go at the weekends there are many movies for kids that cost between £1-£3.00 per person, bargain. The only real expense is the pic n mix!!

13. Swimming

The girls have been pestering me to go swimming, although they have been making the most of their paddling pool.

14. Have friends round to play

My children do get on well together but they also miss their friends so we will be having some play dates before the holidays are through.

Now after reading that, it may not seem like we have done a lot but I think the thing we need to remember as parents that kids don't need us to be entertaining them 24/7.

Kids are quite capable of of finding things to do themselves.

However when all else fails and you find them getting a bit stir crazy nothing beats…

15. Going out for walk

Fresh air works wonders!!!


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  1. Great ideas for a fun Summer. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part


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