Tuesday 19 August 2014

N is for ….. Nails

The past couple of weeks of the Summer holidays have been a bit rubbish if I'm honest, I've spent a lot of time packing up our house ready to move and I feel like I've neglected the girls somewhat.

So last week I stepped away from the boxes and decided we were going to have a girly day.

We had fun with arts and crafts, making dresses, bags etc.

Baking was done, lots of yummy cakes to eat.

And of course no girly day is complete until a bit of pampering has occurred.

This meant that N stood for nails.

The girls couldn't decide which colours they wanted so I ended up painting a different colour on each toe.

A neon rainbow.

Layla wouldn't keep her feet still for the photo but she had her toe nails painted too, even toddlers like a bit of pampering :)


Linked with the alphabet project.

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