Saturday 13 September 2014

Project 365 Days 250 - 256

Two weeks into living at nannie's house and I do believe we are all getting used to the not so ideal situation.

I think I can also safely say we are well and truly back into the school routine.

Layla had her first day at playschool, no problems there, she didn't even say goodbye, just ran off and played.

The girls have also impressed me with how well they are doing in their new classes at school, the knowledge they are absorbing is amazing. I'm hearing all about Pompei, the great fire of London and Gracie is learning to blend her sounds before she has even learnt her phonics.

Enough of my gushing, onto this weeks round up…

Day 250

Admiring the view.

Day 251

Freya posing as usual. Elise and Gracie were playing trains. And even though it was sunny Layla insisted on wearing this hat :)

Day 252

Layla's first day at playschool, not sure they were prepared for this cheeky monkey.

Day 253

On the school run, I've taken to carrying Layla on my back as the walk is quite a distance, I do love babywearing.

Day 254

Layla appeared to miss her mouth at breakfast time, Freya has been learning how to plait her own hair and Gracie found a new mode of transport.

Day 255

We all love a good pizza, especially when we make our own.

Day 256

Saturday mornings are now a quiet time as my mum is trying to sleep after a night shift so we got out big sheets of paper to draw some super pictures.


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  1. Quiet time? What's that?! ;) Bless Layla starting preschool! The girls look like they are settling well! #365

  2. Hiya, hopefully, you're all getting on ok at your mum's. Fingers crossed it won't be too long xx

  3. I love the picture of everyone looking at the view, and quiet Saturday mornings sound lovely lol! #365

  4. Love your pics! And that grin... What a sweetie! #Project365

  5. I love the first picture and all the school ones, lots of happy smiles :-) I'm pleased Layla has settled into playschool xx

  6. aww that shot of leyla on her way to pre-school bless her, what a cheeky chops :-) the make your own pizza looked like fun lovely x

  7. Love the cute selfie there of Leyla on your back. I'm not sure 7yo knows how to sit down and be quiet, so well done to you.

  8. I'm still so impressed you are still managing to capture them all everyday.
    So pleased to hear Layla loves pre school but how is mummy coping?

  9. looks like a good week, I love gingham dresses, so much nicer than other uniform. Must be difficult trying to keep them quiet while your mum sleeps. love the pizza making, looks like good team work there


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