Saturday 20 September 2014

Project 365 Days 257 - 263

Honestly I'll be glad when this week is over.

My poor mum had a week off work and instead of a nice holiday she has been faced with a house filled with vomit, poop and lots and lots of tears.

It started with Freya and Gracie, spread to Layla and then to Elise oh and back to Freya again.

I'm just surprised we haven't caught this dreaded bug too.

So I'm sure you won't be surprised that my project 365 photos this week aren't the happiest but here they are….

Day 257

A day of rubbish weather meant entertaining ourselves indoors.

Day 258

The sickness begins, one girl was left standing.

Day 259

Gracie felt loads better so was grateful when Elise made it home from school to play with her, whilst Freya and Layla struggled on, unable to keep anything down.

Day 260

Freya seemed to be perking, playing with a new toy from Chad Valley, light at the end of the tunnel?? Layla however was suffering, she spent most of the day sleeping and poor Elise was sick at school so she kept to herself, wanting quiet.

Day 261

Sickness gone? Elise and Freya were back at school, Gracie and Layla were feeling great, so we decided to do a spot of baking. I captured Elise and Freya busy with school work/reading, this was just before Freya rushed to the toilet being sick again.

Day 262

Uncle Alec made a surprise visit home.  It isn't the clearest of shots as the room was quite dark. This was the girls finding him sleeping on the sofa early morning.

Day 263

The girls have discovered nannie's bed. It seems to be their new favourite place to come and chill out.


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  1. I feel so sorry for them all. Hoping it has finally past and you get a break this week xx

    1. fingers crossed we are on to day 2 without sick xx

  2. Its awful when the tummy bug strikes :-( hope everyone has a better week x

  3. Oh bless them, poor Freya getting round 2! Hope everyone feels better soon.

  4. Oh poor you. What a week! And you had to miss the MADS :( So hoping that it's all totally gone this week and no one else gets it x

  5. Hope all the girls feel better now and of course that you don't end up with it now xx

  6. hope that is the bug gone now, it does go round and round though, difficult not to. Poor uncle alex in the morning faced with 4 of them. we all need somewhere to chill, I hope your mum does not mind

  7. Hope you are all feeling better now!! x

  8. Hope you are all feeling better now xx

  9. awww honey you guys have been so unlucky with all this sickness! .. i hope your all fit and well now?


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