Saturday 27 September 2014

Project 365 Days 264 - 270

I'm happy to report that the sickness has left the building. So this weeks project 365 is a bit cheerier than last week!!

I've noticed that the temperatures have started to drop so the girls are back to wearing Winter uniform and cosy coats, I have to say I'm pleased to be able to pop a hat over my untameable hair.

I love Autumn, we've spent our school walks busy looking for pine cones, conkers, and fallen leaves.

In other news, we have been attempting potty training again this week because Layla asked to wear knickers.

On to the pictures….

Day 264

We were at my nephews birthday party and what's the best thing about a party? The food of course :)

Day 265

The girls received the Lego Movie in the post, and of course it really is awesome!!!

Day 266

Layla smiled away whilst her sister's got creative, building, drawing and plaiting.

Day 267

My nan and grandpa visited, Freya and Gracie were busy showing nan just what they wanted for Christmas. Elise was found with her head in a book (no surprise there) and Layla was obviously that hungry she had to chew on her toes.

Day 268

A spot of reading, apparently the stairs make a good seat.

Day 269

Time to get all the girls squidged in nannie's bath!!

Day 270

Trip out to Bluewater today, Daddy Hazelden treated us to lunch at Giraffe and some Krispy Kreme doughnuts for pudding mmm. Here is the obligatory car selfie.


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  1. Gorgeous photo of all of the girls in the bath. So glad to hear you're finally shot of the sickness bug!

  2. Pleased to hear the bug has gone and envious to hear you've been to Bluewater today! Love it there! x#365

  3. looks like everyone has finally kicked the sickness! yay!

    i love the bathtime pic .. priceless x

  4. Loving them all in the bath together, and the cool car selfies!

  5. Lots of fab and fun photos. I love Krispy Kreme doughnuts!!

  6. Glad they are all smiling and happy this week. Love the chomping on the toes pic!!

  7. never tried krispy kreme, have to sa the price puts me off not buy if you buy a box of 12 but then if I dont like them they are a waste, if I do like them they would be fatal!!!
    Think you can safely say they are getting a bit big for 4 in the bath, but the photo is loveable.
    Laughed at the car selfies, Love how they are flexible enough to chew their toes


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