Monday 22 September 2014

Read With Me #38

Hello fellow readers. Welcome to this weeks Read With Me. Last week I managed to reach my GoodReads 2014 target of 150 books and it isn't even the end of September yet.

read with me
I think this shows just how much I love books.

I'm now wondering what my total will reach come the end of the year?

Even though I have over 500 books on my TBR list, this week I have found myself re reading books that I have read in the past.

Do you like to re read books or do you read them the once??

Thanks as always to everyone who linked up last week.

I'm so pleased to see that there are people out there who appreciate a good book just as much as I do.

My favourite post that was linked up last week was from Northumberland Mam. If you didn't know on the 13th September it was Roald Dahl day? This author is a favourite in our house, so many classic books, it is hard to pick a favourite from his collection!!

Onto the link up.

If you are new to #ReadWithMe you can read all about it here. Regular? You know what to do. Link up your posts, comment on others, you know spread the love. And if you are feeling generous a link back or displaying my badge is always appreciated.


Happy reading.


  1. 150 books already? I think I have only read about 40!

  2. Wow, you're doing a great job reading this many books. I've read only about twenty or so and half were children's books. I've been following your blog for a while but this is my first time participating in your linky.

    1. aaa thanks so much for linking up, off to read now x


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