Tuesday 23 September 2014

S is for….. Sleep

This weeks alphabet project sees the letter S taking centre stage.

I've decided that S is represented by sleep.

I don't know about you but sleep is something I crave.

I used to spend ours lying in my bed when I was younger or my pit as my mum used to call it.

Only rolling out of it when nature called or when my tummy refused to give up rumbling.

Now sleep is something I just can't seem to find.

I struggle to fall asleep on a daily basis and I think I know the reason why…


Talking when they should be sleeping.

Jumping in my bed and star fishing, leaving me hanging on to the edge for dear life.

Making noises which cause me to stay awake listening just incase they're poorly.

Yep, children are definitely sleep thieves!!!


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  1. those pic of urs kids sleeping remind me of my three they sleep anywhere lol especially sprawled out in our bed lol #alphabetproject


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