Friday 24 October 2014

Getting Creative When Playing

I've always said that for a child playing is important, getting creative and having fun is how they learn new skills.

And creativity can stem from many places.

Using clothes, towels and blankets to create designer dresses and secret dens.

Pots, pans and kitchen utensils make the loudest of instruments.

And cardboard boxes are the best FREE toys around.

Then there's those toys that you buy that turn into something completely different.

Blocks and lego transform into marvelllous buildings and even food to eat.

Barbies and babies work together to form friendships, families and work mates.

And books allow our imaginations to run wild and create spectacular worlds full of mystery and magic.

Whatever your child chooses to play with, whether they want to play independently, with siblings or friends or perhaps one on one with you the parent, it is something that should always be encouraged.

Playing and creating is part of how a child educates themselves, how they improve certain skills and how they express just how wonderful they are!!


*This is my entry into the #ToyellaChristmas blogger competition*

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