Saturday 25 October 2014

Project 365 Days 292 - 298

We've been on half term this week due to the girls school clubbing all their teacher training days together. This means that they get two weeks off instead of one.

Typically the weather hasn't been brilliant this week but we've been making the most of our time off together regardless.

Day 292

Daddy Hazelden treated us all to dinner out and course it just had to be a carvery, lovely roast dinners all round.

Day 293

Poor old Gracie managed to fall over, the path won the fight. Bruised head and nose, fat lip and scraped knees, oh and damaged glasses. In other news Layla napped and the eldest two got introduced to Minecraft.

Day 294

Layla was at playschool so I treat the others to hot chocolate and cake at costa, Freya managed to spill most of her hot chocolate down herself but it's ok she wasn't thirsty!! And Layla's photo needs no words lol.

Day 295

Movie night complete with popcorn.

Day 296

We spent the day round my best friends house and her newest edition was centre of attention all day.

Day 297

The eldest three were busy drawing Halloween pictures whilst Layla was being her normal cheeky monkey self and climbing all over the furniture.

Day 298

We didn't buy Halloween costumes this year, just these nifty hair bands, meet the witch hazels :)


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  1. Mmmmm I now really fancy a roast dinner. May need to do that in the week.

    Love your Costa date.
    Naughty path.... Hoping there weren't too many tears

  2. Two weeks off school sounds fun! (Or maybe a bit stressful?) Love the pic of the witchy girls.

  3. Film night film night look such fun. How many children do you have?

  4. aww the photo with them all in their Halloween hair is fantastic x

  5. I love that photo of them all crowded on the beds, and the one with their Hallowe'en hair.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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