Friday 10 October 2014

Good Things Can Happen In The Morning

Britmums and Belvita breakfast biscuits recently set bloggers a challenge to tell people all about the little things which help to make their mornings better, the good moments that make us feel like we're winning!!

Here are just five situations where have managed to put a smile on my morning grumpy face :

Being able to brush my hair/apply my make up

Having four girls means I have to put all of their hair up (keep away the dreaded head lice), this leaves me with little or no time to get myself ready.

In actual fact I'm winning if I manage to get dressed and manage to swap my slippers for shoes, let alone stop myself looking like a walking zombie.

This leads me onto…

Wearing clothes with no stains

Since having kids I've been covered in snot, vomit, poo, food.

I always wonder how it is [ossible that even though my clothes get washed regularly that I still manage to spot some sort of stain when I happen to look down.

So when I find myself wearing something which appears to be clean (just don't look at the back), I smile a teeny tiny bit to myself.

Drinking a cup of coffee that's still warm

I can't tell you how many times I reach for my cup of coffee and find that it is stone cold, having a nice hot drink is quite the novelty but very much enjoyed when it happens, can someone say hello Costa :)

Making it out of the door on time

I think this is every parents dream isn't it?? It makes all of the rushing around worth it when you get everyone out of the house and getting to the school before the bell rings, can only mean good things for the rest of the day can't it?

I think making this dream come alive happens in part when the kids all eat their breakfast without complaint, Belvita breakfast biscuits certainly make this happen, tasty yet quick to eat, put them on your shopping list mums and dads!!

belvita breakfast biscuits

Remembering to do/bring everything

If you are like me, after having kids, your memory is almost non existent.

I can't tell you the amount of times we've reached the school playground and I've realised we forgot to maybe practice spellings or the girls lunchboxes are still sat on the kitchen side.

This tends to happen more often when the kids remind mummy of certain things ;)

What small victories make you feel like your winning in the mornings??

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  1. Lots will be familiar to mums up and down the UK and beyond. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part


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