Monday 20 October 2014

Snow Angels, Secrets and Christmas Cake by Sue Watson Review

I was lucky enough to receive a copy of Su Watson's latest book to review, Snow Angels, Secrets and Christmas Cake.

Now I admit I was extremely excited about this having read one of her previous books which I absolutely adored.

snow angels, secrets and christmas cake
For Tamsin Angel, Christmas is always the biggest and best… chic parties and a little showbiz sparkle are a must. This year though, things aren't going quite as planned…

With baliffs suddenly at the door and her husband nowhere to be found, it looks like Christmas just got downsized. Moving into her sister's one bedroom flat, she wonders whether things will ever be the same again.

After losing her husband on Christmas Eve, Same Angel has rebuilt her life around her son Jacob and her new business - The White Angel Bakery. She's also found herself a very handsome, loving boyfriend, but is struggling to let go of the past.

Thrown together with a sprinkle of Christmas magic, Sam and Tmasin might just learn a littlemore about each other- and themselves. But when disaster strikes at the bakery, will they be able to save the say in time for Chrismas?

This is a story that does not disappoint.

Chick lit at it's best. A light hearted story filled with love, friendship and best of all humour. A romantic book that wasn't all about the men but about the women too.

Tamsin is the sister who appears to have it all. She has done well for herself, she has a family, a husband who loves her and money is no issue. To everyone else she seems to have the perfect life.

Then there is Sam. She has had more than her fair shares of disasters in her life, the worst of it, losing her husband, Steve, 5 years ago on Christmas Eve of all days!!

It is funny how life works though, the tables seem to turn and while Sam is managing to get on with her life day by day, onwards and upwards, Tamsin's has begun to spiral out of control.

When baliffs turn up knocking on her door in December and she finds out that her husband (who has done a runner) has lost all of their money, Tamsin is left embarrassed, lonely and wondering just how she is going to create the exceptional Christmas that she has become accustomed to.

Used to designer labels and everything being planned perfectly, moving in with her sister seems less than ideal but Tamsin does it with her luxury coffee maker in hand.

The question is can these two polar opposite sisters work together to find happiness??

I loved this story, it flowed wonderfully. Told in chapters which alternate between the sisters, I found myself laughing out loud on many occasions.

Tamsin and Sam's dynamic was a joy to see and read. Both ladies grow throughout the book. Tamsin realising that not everything is dependent on money and how expensive things are. And Sam learning that it's ok to love and let people into her life.

A fun and witty book that has a real festive feel to it and with added twist and turns along the way, there isn't a dull moment to be found.

If you haven't read any of Sue's books yet then I highly recommend that you do so now!!


Disclaimer : I was sent a digital copy of this book FOC for reviewing purposes however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. I haven't read a nice enjoyable book like that for ages, sounds lovely! I can't seem to find time to read for myself at the moment - must carve out some time. x

  2. Thank you for this great review, I'm intrigued to read the book now :)

  3. This sounds like a great book. Putting this on to my 'to read' list


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