Friday 31 October 2014

Alternative Ideas Instead of Trick Or Treating

I might sound like a mean parent but I'm not keen on trick or treating. It is a tradition bought over from America that doesn't really translate so well over here. I don't like the idea of taking my kids out  walking round the streets after dark and the only trick or treaters I seem to get at my door are rowdy teenagers asking for money which isn't what Halloween is all about.

However I don't dislike the idea of Halloween itself so I have five alternative ideas to trick or treating to share with you all.

1. Halloween treasure hunt.

Now this can be done either indoors or outdoors depending on the whether. I like to hang up spooky clues and directions and of course you either find a trick or treat in each hiding place.

2. Halloween themed party.

A great time to get friends and family together and of course a brilliant excuse to get dressed up and play some games like pin the tail on the black cat, apple bobbing and brain digging.

3. Halloween crafts and baking.

I wrote a post the other day sharing some fab ideas for halloween crafts and baking and I also shared my recipe for jelly worms. And of course there is the obligatory pumpkin carving, just make sure there is an adult there to supervise the kids!!

4. Halloween events.

Have a look in your local papers and online to find out what spooktacular events are going on around Halloween. A lot of them are cheap to attend and sometimes even free and seen as Halloween generally falls during half term, it stops the bordem from setting in!!

the nightmare before christmas
5. Halloween movie night.

Get the toffee apples and popcorn ready and settle down to watch some hair raising films. Some suggestions for kids of all ages :

Spooky Buddies
Hocus Pocus (my favourite)
Harry Potter
The Nightmare Before Christmas

What are you planning to do today?? Are you a fan of trick or treating?



  1. I never really enjoyed trick or treating, in fact I don't get Halloween at all. I'll just be having a normal night I think

  2. I agree with you :) The only group we had at our door last night was teenagers, who obviously wanted money. I offered them sweets which only two took and sent them on their way. Love your alternative ideas :)


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