Saturday 1 November 2014

Project 365 Days 299 - 305

Wow 1st of November how did that happen and that means only 60 days of project 365 left! Well we've made it through the second week of half term and i'm not going to lie, there have been arguments, there have been tears but in between Mummy saying no lots, there has also been lots of fun had.

Weddings, trips to the park, Halloween activities and time staying at Grandad's house, all captured in this weeks round up of photos.

Day 299

The usual Sunday antics from these monkeys.

Day 300

Before Daddy Hazelden and I headed off to a friends wedding the girls were all happily sat together catching up on the alpha blocks, I love this programme :)

Day 301

We took the opportunity this week to stay at my father in laws house, gave us all a welcome break from my mum's. Layla turned into her true devil self, Freya ended up feeling sick and Elise and Gracie were getting busy with their new sticker book.

Day 302

Time to carve the pumpkins.

Day 303

A trip to the park just round the corner from Grandad's house. So nice to be out not only in the fresh air but lovely sunshine too.

Day 304

An afternoon of Halloween treasure hunting, I struggled to get a photo as the girls had their eyes firmly glued on all of the sweets.

Day 305

We've decided we'd very much like Grandad's bath tub as there is so much more room in his than ours ;)


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  1. That bathroom does look great! Loving the park and pumpkin carving photo's Chantelle! x #365

  2. It's amazing how distracting sweets can be! It's nice to get some time away from the kiddos - I'm dreaming of that :)

  3. It looks like a fun week, love the pumpkin carving photos!

  4. Love them all in the tub together, so cute! Pumpkins look great too :) #365

  5. awww i love the bathtub picture this so reminds me of my chidhood and our shared baths, although ours were more battles than baths lol

  6. Hope the sickness past quickly. Love them all in the tub together

  7. A busy week. Cute them all in the bath. We are huge alphablocks fan too! #365

  8. the pumpkins are brilliant, well done girls. The break would have been as much appreciated by your mum I am sure.
    The bath does look fun for them all. Laughed at the park pic with the eldest in the baby swing?

    I have to ask why in the sweet pic one of them has a parcel label hanging down her back?

    1. Lol she'd just tried on a new dress but was to engrossed in sweets to let me cut it off x

  9. Love the one of them all in the tub :) #project365


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