Tuesday 11 November 2014

Alphabet Project Letters X, Y and Z

Ok, I missed out on letters X and Y for the alphabet project, for two reasons really.

One I couldn't think of anything for X and two, time just got away from me. So this week for the final week, I am making it a bumper edition, including photos for letters X, Y and finally Z

X is for Xylophone. We visited the Powell Cotton museum in Kent and came across this amazing looking xylophone, finally I'd found my X.

Y is for Youthful. I am constantly being told that look more like a sixteen year old than my own age, can you guess how old I actually am??

Z is for ZZZZZZZZ it had to be a photo to do with sleeping. I capture so many of them. A great time to get a non blurry photo as for once they are still!!!

I would like to thank Charly over on Podcast for coming up with the alphabet project idea, it has been a pleasure to join in with this linky.


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