Friday, 28 November 2014

Toddlers Can Be Mischievous

Toddlers are known for being a little mischievous at times, I mean this stage in their lives begins with the terrible twos so trouble is bound to follow right?? Just take a look at some of the entries into Time4Sleep's latest competition as examples.

Since having Layla I've come to realise that I got off extremely lightly with my eldest 3 daughters, they look like angels in comparison.

My youngest child seems to have made it her mission in life to frighten me, annoy me and to just generally send me potty. Just a few things that my little girl has been known to do :

Climbing on or in furniture.

Emptying book shelves so she can sit on them herself.

Drawing over her sister's homework, forget the excuse that the dog ate it, nope, all blame can now be passed on to the toddler.

Stealing chocolate.

Hiding keys.

Covering herself in mummy's green nail varnish, I'm guessing trying to turn herself into an alien.

Just your run of the mill goings on really wouldn't you say ;) The question is just how do I handle my mischievous toddler?

Best tip I can give to any parent, stay calm!!!

Our children are definitely sent to try us and no matter how bad the 'incident' might seem, most things are actually rather entertaining, well maybe not at the time but definitely when you look back at them.

What mischievous things have you found your toddler doing??


*This is my entry into the Time4Sleep's mischievous toddler competition*

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  1. Ahh how adorable!! So much fun though!
    My two weren't too bad when they were younger.....They seem to get up to more mischief now they're a bit x


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