Saturday 29 November 2014

Project 365 Days 327 - 333

Only 26 days til Christmas and project 365 plods on. It is hard to believe that another week has gone by.

Still no house news, we are sitting in limbo waiting for someone else in the chain to sort out their problems, frustrated beyond belief as we were hoping to be moved in by now.

The girls have been busy practising for their Nativity play at school and Freya along with her school team won a sports challenge against other schools!!

And to round off the week, I spent the day Friday at hospital with Daddy Hazelden as he has suspected appendicitis, he is back at the hospital as I type waiting to hear if he needs an operation.

Onto the photos….

Day 327

A spot of homework being done and a bit of rainy day driving.

Day 328

Freya was helping Gracie with her number recognition, Elise was testing out the LeapTV and Layla was enjoying a dinner out at WagaMamas whilst the girls were at school.

Day 329

I think the girls were testing out just how many of them they could fit in one chair, whilst Layla was trying to nap her cold away.

Day 330

Freya was giving Layla a cuddle, an attempt at making her feel better. Elise was beginning to write her Christmas cards and Gracie was taking advantage of Layla being poorly, colouring without Layla scribbling over her pictures.

Day 331

The card writing continued and we had a fairy princess visit our house.

Day 332

Layla photobombed Elise's photo, definitely perking up, Gracie was yet again colouring and Freya wanted to show off the bracelet she was given for helping win the sports challenge.

Day 333

Early morning fry up time.


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  1. aww lovely pictures my fav one is from L where she is wearing a fairy outfit utterly cute!!
    Hope you will get some POSITIVE house news SOON i got all my fingers crossed for you xx

  2. I hope Daddy Hazeldon is OK, and fingers crossed for some house news soon for you

  3. Lovely pictures, sounds like a week of highs and lows for you. Hope Daddy Hazeldon is ok and gets well soon. Love the sound of a fry up - it's been ages since I had one!

  4. Lovely photo's as usual Chantelle. Keeping everything crossed about the house and hoping Mr H makes a speedy recovery x

  5. Love the fairy dress.
    Hope Daddy is home soon x

  6. Busy stuff! Lucky girl having a Wagamamas dinner! Hope the house chain sorts itself out soon.

  7. aww honey, i hope hubs gets better soon and that you hear something on the house soon! x

  8. oh dear, hope hubby feels better soon, but I often feel its not so bad if they have an answer to what causes the pain.
    Hope the issue with the house gets sorted and you dont have to move over Christmas, but would be nice to be in your own home for then.
    LOL at Gracie colouring in peace, and ahhhh at cuddles from big sister,
    Thats a very pretty fairy princess


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