Saturday 8 November 2014

Project 365 Days 306 - 312

Kids back at school after half term and the weather seems to have done a nose dive. Wind and rain mixed in with colder temperatures had made for many soggy school runs this week. This also means that my project 365 photos for this week are very indoor based.

So what has happened this week?

Well Elise had to go to the dentist this week, her wobbly teeth just aren't budging so she is going to have to have two taken out, something she's not best pleased about despite reassurances that it won't hurt.

Layla had her 2 and a quarter year check on Friday, she passed with flying colours and whilst there got weighed and measured and at almost 28 months she weighs 26lbs and stands at a teeny 84cm tall, but good things come in small packages don't they.

And it has been an adjustment for all this week because Daddy Hazelden started a new job a couple of weeks ago, still working in London but doing a mix of days and nights, this week started the night shifts so he's been away more than usual.

Now onto the photos…

Day 306

Sunday is for relaxing and that's just what the girls did.

Day 307

I was helping host a Dora party over on Twitter so the girls got stuck in with all of the activities.

Day 308

The children got a lovely delivery from House of Fraser so of course some modelling needed to be done.

Day 309

Fireworks night. There were no local displays + it was raining so we cheated and watched them out of the bedroom window.

Day 310

Nannie was sleeping before work downstairs so we popped the music on and had a natter before bed time.

Day 311

They were supposed to be watching a film….

Day 312

All engrossed in an ebook on the LeapPad Ultra.


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  1. Awe, I hope hubbies new job goes well! The girls always look so happy. I hope you all get your own place again soon x

  2. Love the shot of them watching the fireworks out of the window! They all look like they're having fun at the Dora party :)

  3. Good idea to watch fireworks out of the window! Hope all goes well at the dentist's.

  4. Your girls certainly seem to get on so well together! I love the modelling photo. We only did fireworks from the bedroom window too.


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