Saturday 15 November 2014

Project 365 Days 313 - 319

A busy week but sadly lots of indoors photos for project 365.

This was the week of the school photos and typically it was not only raining but there was a lovely thunderstorm rubbling round as we had to walk to school on Monday.

We also had all the girls parents evenings, lovely to hear that my daughter's are all well behaved, clever and a delight to teach, they keep their wind up antics for at home!! Gracie is just struggling with number recognition, something which we will just have to persevere with.

And I had a proud mummy moment when Freya was chosen to be one of the main parts for the Nativity play, she is playing the part of Whoopsy Daisy Angel, a very apt part seen as she has always been known as first aid Freya.

On a personal note I've almost finished my Christmas shopping, boo hiss I hear a lot of you saying to the computer screen but I do like to be organised!!

Day 313

A smiley Sunday.

Day 314

Bit of imaginary play going on.

Day 315

A parents evening selfie, sisters playing nicely and Elise going through the huge pile of comics we seem to have accumulated.

Day 316

Nannie bought the girls a set of Frozen puzzles as a well done for getting such good reports at parent evening.

Day 317 

Just your average day in the Hazelden household.

Day 318

Dressing up for Children In Need. Super heroes in action.

Day 319

It's raining outside so we've been having a Christmas craft morning.


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  1. Ooooh I am loving your Christmas crafts. The Frozen puzzles seem to be popular - well done to the girls on their good parents evening reports! #365

  2. Lovely photos as ever - those smiles in the first pic are beautiful. Well done to your girls for their good parents' evenings :)

  3. i am with you lovely i have to be done early and mine is all done and ready .. all be it stored over 4 houses lol

  4. glad it is not just me that crafts on the floor rather than the table. How nice of Nannie and well done girls. My eldest spent a lot of time at the school nurse as well.
    OOOOhhhh a fisher price telephone, not seen one of them in years, wish I j=had kept all these from when mine were young but moved house too often.


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