Sunday 23 November 2014

Project 365 Days 320 - 326

It has been a typical week in the Hazelden household, the normal routine of school, work and play continued, oh and I got Foo Fighters tickets for next year, *big grins* here. Here is this weeks project 365…

Day 320

Spot of baking, we were making mince pie cookies.

Day 321

Totally engrossed with tablet and laptop screens.

Day 322

Just your average day ;)

Day 323

Today I received the girls school photo in the post. It isn't perfect, Layla isn't looking at the camera but it is the first time I've had them all smiling, very pleased.

Day 324

Reading before bed.

Day 325

An eating themed picture….

Day 326

We went and watched the Christmas lights being switched on but Elise decided she'd rather not have her picture being taken and poor Layla wasn't feeling very well.


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  1. love the school pic, all the gaps with the missing teeth, such a big part of growing up. I think its nice when they let you take the younger ones in as well.
    I always fee Christmas lights are boring and a disappointment.
    ooohhhh mince pie cookies sound nice - do you just stir the mince through the biscuit mix?

  2. Their school photos is absolutely glorious, how sweet.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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