Saturday 27 December 2014

Before Buddy The Elf Left

I know Christmas is over, hope you're all as sad as I am!! However I still wanted to share with you what our beloved Buddy the Elf got up to before he left to help Santa out.

I think Buddy was feeling a bit bad for getting drunk the previous night so he came back with crafty gifts for the girls to do. They had fun making snow globes, crackers and festive cakes.

Today was the day when we found it if the girls had managed to stay on the nice list when Buddy came back with his all important elf report.

This had to be my favourite day. Can you spot the snowman imposter in this line up?

Buddy's last day, with a goodbye letter in hand and some elf colour by numbers as a parting gift, it was a sad day, the girls always get upset when Buddy has to go back to the North Pole.

We can't wait for Buddy to return  next year and funnily enough I  already have an idea of what the cheeky little elf may be getting up to!!


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