Friday 26 December 2014

Another guest post for you all today, a little change of pace with a poem from Sarah over on Hills and Daffodils.

Ten tiny fingers...

Once upon a time you were so small, 
Now you are growing up- so tall, 
Ten tiny fingers on two tiny hands,
Now two large hand prints as high as you stand,

The yells for "MUMMY!" were once for a fall,
Now you hardly yell for Mummy at all,
Lullabys we once sang so softly, 
Now you sing "LET IT GO!" so boldly, Ten tiny fingers on two tiny hands, 
A joy surely any Mother understands,
Hands fitting in mine still like a glove,
A gesture now appreciated more with love. 


Hills and Daffodils is a new blog covering all things Welsh, parenting, lifestyle and more.
The writer Sarah lives in South Wales, is married with two small children and loves everything theatre related, reading a good book and watching a wide range of TV and films as well as the demands of being a full time Mum and other work that keeps her busy! 
The blog can be found here-

Some beautiful and meaningful words, thanks for sharing Sarah.


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