Saturday 6 December 2014

Buddy Take Two

So Buddy has come back. Here to keep an eye on the kids and letting Santa know whether they've been naughty or nice.

Last month he sent a postcard announcing that he would indeed be returning and he came back with gifts.

Day one

Advent calendars for all and a surprise gift for Gracie to take in for her class mates, time to grow some candy canes!!

elf on the shelf brings advent calendars

Day two

Looks like toy making has already begun.

elf on the shelf tool testing

Day three

A date interrupted, just getting to the good part by the look of it.

elf on the shelf monster high date night

Day four 

So pleased to see that even elves can take themselves for a wee.

elf on the shelf uses potty

Day five

Game time with Santa and according to the note, poor old Mr Claus was not the winner.

elf on the shelf plays pop up pirate

Here's hoping Buddy behaves himself next week!!



  1. I LOVE that he sent a postcard! Looks like lots of fun, my elf is too! Thank you for linking up to #ElfEscapades x

  2. Your elf is having way too much fun. Love the idea of sending a postcard before his arrival date x

  3. I love those advent calendars - Emmy would have loved one of those.
    You Elf is having rather a lot of fun!
    Thanks for linking up #ElfEscapades

  4. I love the pic of him making toys! thanks for linking up #elfscapades


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