Saturday 20 December 2014

More Elf Antics

Another week closer to Christmas, less than a week to go, are you ready?? Whilst we get used to our new house, Buddy has been making himself at home…

Buddy wanted to leave a message for the girls, he just happened to make a mess of the bathroom whilst doing it.

elf on the shelf toothpaste mess

Apparently the dolls were wanting some tattoos, who knew Buddy was such an artist.

elf on the shelf tattoo

The count down continues ….

elf on the shelf christmas countdown

Today Buddy was behaving and came with gifts for the girls, do you believe?

elf on the shelf do you believe

A snowball fight broke out whilst we were sleeping.

elf on the shelf snowball fight

The girls struggled to find Buddy today, he was discovered when they finally looked up!!

elf on the shelf hanging around

Buddy was channelling his inner Santa.

elf on the shelf photo props



  1. Oh buddy I do believe ! Love Santa buddy

  2. Aww! That snowball fight is so cute x

  3. our elf is called buddy also. Currently trying to work out what to do tonight as want him to be very mischevious for the last few nights


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