Saturday 10 January 2015

Project 365 2015 Week 2

Week 2 of project 365 has arrived already. This year seems like it is going to be another one that just flies by!!

So what have we been up to? Well the kids are back to school and routine is well and truly back in place.

Poor old Daddy Hazelden also went back to work after a 2 week break, 5 night shifts in and he's finding it hard going. This is the point where I wish we could win the lottery!!

And me, well I've given myself a kick up the bum and have cut out the junk food and dusted off my trainers in a bid to get myself back to being fit and healthy, this is reflected my photos this week.

Day 4

The girls finally got around to decorating the chocolate baubles the the received in their stockings at Christmas.

Day 5

I found the exercise DVDs which I's 'hidden' and I've now begun my quest to getting back into shape.

Day 6

Layla had her first day back at playschool, I think it tired her out a little.

Day 7

This shot amused me. There's nannie trying to work out how to use her real phone whilst Gracie uses her toy phone with ease.

Day 8

Torrential rain and the only part of me that stayed dry was my feet thanks to my trusty Dr Marten wellie  boots.

Day 9

I was try to charge up my nano but Layla thought it was time to listen to music.

Day 10

First run of the year complete. Not a great distance but after not running for over 6 months and this run being in the wind and rain I was quietly chuffed with myself.


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  1. Well done on the workouts hun, I've lost 3 lbs this week which I'm pretty happy with! :)

  2. Love your boots! Well done on the keep fit mission, you're doing better than me - I am sat eating a Crunchie lol

    1. you're pregnant though, you have an excuse. lol. xx

  3. Great photos!
    Well done with all the keeping fit....
    I love those boots! x

  4. I love the sound of Josie Gibsons 30 second slim - lol Keep up the good work, I have upped the amount of walking I am doing and am aiming at 10 miles a week to start with, want to be slimmer for daughters wedding.
    Love the colour of your boots. I am sure m,y grandchildren to work my p[hone better than I can as well!!

  5. I've got a whole stack of exercise DVDs still in their wrappers, my youngest is now 15, eldest 22 so actually most of them are videos, where I had every good intention of using them

  6. Looks like a healthy week! Love the DM wellies - I need to invest in some new ones as my trusty joules have succumbed to a hole!

  7. Love the colour of your boots and those chocolate baubles look like a great idea. Think the back to school/pre-school has been a bit of a shock for everyone hasn't it #365

  8. Always a good time to start exercising - love Davina and also recommend the 30 day shred! Love your wellies :)

  9. You're inspiring me to get the trainers out again! And such a sweet shot of Layla sleeping.

  10. That is a lot of fitness DVDs! Love the picture of Layla sleeping and I'm very envious of those Doc Marten wellies!

  11. Loving the wellie boots. Good luck with your running x

  12. They are such awesome wellies! Love the sleeping photo of Layla. Bless her! x

  13. Love your Dr Marten boots - great colour! Good luck with the running especially if the weather is like it has been here x #365

  14. I need those wellies love them.
    Well done on your keeping fit mission

  15. Those chocolate baubles look fantastic! Great little treat after Christmas too :-)

  16. What a lot of exercise DVD's - good luck! Love the sleepy photo, they always look so adorable when they are asleep don't they!

  17. It would seem as though everyone is getting back on the fitness wagon this week! Loving those doc marten wellies - so cool!

  18. Well done on the getting fit, I have some DVDs somewhere!! Loving the wellies and the photo of layla listening to the music

  19. well done on the run. I'm going out tomorrow for my first in ages and I'm dreading it.

  20. Loving those Doc Martens - they are amazing! Well done on your fitness - I started slow last week but am going to up the anti by the end of this week :) #Project365

  21. Love the colour of your DM's, well done on your first run.

  22. Good luck with the running, that's a great start. And, I love those wellies :)

  23. Chocolate baubles sound good! I have Davina's 3 30 minute workouts too, love the boxercise one, might start it up again #project365


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