Saturday 31 January 2015

Project 365 2015 Week 5

This has been a busy week filled with birthdays, shopping and more home improvements. Freya turned 7 and I am now one year away from my 30's and contemplating just what I need to get done before the year is done.

The girls continue to do well at school, winning prizes for stranger danger posters and going up in reading levels, couldn't be more proud.

Daddy Hazelden and I seem to have got ourselves a little addiction as we find ourselves visiting The Range and Dunelm Mill far too often (not good for the bank balance!) but the house is slowly coming together with all the little purchases.

Day 25

Freya's birthday and her best present, a tub of pic n mix lol.

Day 26

We went shopping and picked upa bargain jacket for Elise, £2 from Primark!!

Day 27

My birthday and I got some wonderful handmade cards from the kids.

Day 28

Day 29

We got a new coffee table, well new to us. A lovely lady on Facebook buys furrniture from auctions and then gives it a new lease of life. I love it, something unique to us.

Day 30

Got my present from the hubby (a day late tut tut). A new running watch to help me track my distance etc.

Bubble beards, enough said.

Day 31

We went on a trip to The Beaney in Canterbury today and no day would be complete without a train selfie.


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  1. Those cards are just adorable, the best kind of present you could ever get. I love your new table - lush #365

  2. Happy birthday to you both this week. I love the coffee table

  3. Happy birthday to the two of you! Love your 'new' table and your running watch. The words in the cards melt my heart! Gorgeous.

  4. Happy belated birthday to both of you. I love love love those cards, much better than anything money can buy and the words are out of this world, nice one girls.
    Thats a great table, and tut tut at a day late with the pressie daddy, but nice you got something you can use.
    See she is wearing her new jacket on the rain, that was a great bargain.

  5. Happy Birthday to you both. Your cards are just lovely :) The soapy beards made me smile, and I love you new coffee table x

  6. Looks like a productive (and fun) week! Happy birthday. Nothing better than homemade birthday cards :)

  7. Lovely week! Belated Birthday wishes to you both! What's the Beany? Love the coffee table and bargain jacket! x

  8. Lovely photos!! Looks like you had a fantastic week!! Happy birthday to you both!! I spy a Harry doll....hehehe What lovely cards! xx

  9. Aww those cards are so special, something to treasure. Happy birthday to you and Freya. Love your new coffee table. Great photos.

  10. Happy Birthday. How lovely to receive homemade cards x


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