Tuesday 27 January 2015

Weekly Weigh In 27.01.2015

It's that time of the week again and I have to say I've been left feeling really disheartened after my weigh in. I didn't lose anything at all.

Now I have to admit I had a couple of glasses of wine and a slice of birthday cake over the weekend and I was already feeling guilty about having them but now I'm left feeling even worse. The only positive to take from this is that I didn't gain anything so I guess you could say I broke even.

I think I'm more disappointed because although I allowed myself a treat, I really worked on the exercise doing more every day but I'm not giving up.

It is my birthday today so I am going to allow myself a chocolate bar that has been sitting in the fridge for a few weeks now and then I'm back on that wagon.

Exercise wise I think I did well. I went for a couple of early morning runs and kept up with the exercise dvds, a mix of 30 day shred and 3 minute belly blitz.  I am going to add in more weight work along with the cardio and resistance this week.

Food wise because it is my birthday today I am going to allow myself a chocolate bar that has been sitting in the fridge for a few weeks now and then I'm back on that wagon. My meal plan for this week is below :

Breakfast - Overnight oats or porridge with fruit.

Lunch - Various soups and ryvita crackers.

Dinner -

Monday - Beef fajitas without the tortillas (rolled in lettuce instead)
Tuesday - Egg fried rice using brown rice and adding chicken
Wednesday - Jacket potato and beans
Thursday - Courgette mini pizzas
Friday - Tuna Nicoise salad
Saturday - Turkey mince and pasta with a herby pesto
Sunday - Gammon with new potatoes and veg

Drink wise I'm sticking with the green tea and water but I'm adding in a couple of protein smoothies after workouts instead of snacking.

As disappointed as I am it would do no good to give up now so I guess I need to suck it up and hope for better results next week.



  1. Don't worry about maintaining at all hun. if you have increased your activity levels then you have probably increased your muscle mass and muscle is heavier than fat...Don't worry xx

  2. Staying the same is definitely better than a gain! Keep at it and fingers crossed for a loss next week! :D

  3. Happy Birthday lovely lady. I don't think that you should beat yourself up at all - especially when it is your birthday. Enjoy and then get back to it afterwards - that is what I would do :) x

  4. Breaking even is amazing hunny.
    Don't feel disheartened and mwah happy birthday


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