Thursday 19 February 2015

Courgette Pizza Bites

Sometimes I don't fancy a big dinner, more something to snack but it can be very easy to slip into old habits and just reach for the junk food. My recipe for courgette pizza bites is a healthy alternative but makes you feel like you are having a treat as it is reminiscent of having a couple of all be it smaller slices of pizza.

Easy and quick to make and also simple to adapt, this small dish is perfect for both meat lovers and vegetarians.

courgette pizza bites


* 1-2 courgettes medium sliced
* 3-4 tomatoes thinly sliced
* grated cheese
* cooked shredded chicken
* tomato puree


* Lay the courgettes out on a baking tray.

* Spread a thin layer of tomato puree over each slice.

* Place a slice of tomato over each courgette.

* Add the chicken (or whatever topping you decide on) top of the tomato.

* Cover with grated cheese.

* Pop in the oven (180ÂșC)  for 10-15 minutes.

These can be eaten by themselves or served with wedges and salad, dependent on how hungry you are.



  1. These look yummy will have to try them

  2. They do look very good! One of our favourite family recipes has courgettes, tomatoes and cheese, but we put mince beef instead of chicken and add a bit of rice. Our boys love it and so do we! I could try with chicken instead :)


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