Wednesday 18 February 2015

Selfie Stick Review

The selfie, a craze that never went away. I have to admit that I am quite partial to taking the odd one. If you are anything like me you stand there, take a photo and delete, repeat this around 50 times before you get the 'perfect' shot.

Of course the trouble comes when you want to get more of you into the shot than just your head and shoulders. Like showing off a particular outfiit you are wearing or getting a great group shot on a night out, you end up with missing faces etc.

That's where the selfie stick comes in. I mean what a simple yet genius invention. An extending stick that allows you to take both close up and far away pictures with just a click of a button. stock a range of selfie sticks (this is continuely growing) and they were kind enough to send me one to review.

I opted for the 3.5mm selfie/action monopod handheld mobile phone holder selfie stick which is priced at £7.99.

If I'm an honest for the price I wasn't expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised.

Easy to set up. You can use it straight away if you have an iPhone , if you have an android phone then you may need to download the free 360 app  then change your zoom from volume button to shutter in your camera settings, plug the cable into the headphone jack and you are good to go.

Either way no bluetooth is needed and the stick doesn't need charging so it is there ready whenever you want to use it.

Extending to almost a metre long, it certainly gains you some distance away from camera, but folding away to 26cm makes it ideal to pop in your handbag, perfect for those all important nights out.

The stick comes complete with a phone holder that extends to a width of 8.5cm, this can be screwed on and off for convenience. I did find extending the holder a bit stiff to begin with but on a positive note, it was a nice snug fit round my Sony Xperia Compact so I knew it wouldn't drop out when held up at height.

There is a moveable joint that allows you to change the angle of the phone from vertical to horizontal meaning you can take a variety of photos.

Taking the photos was simple. There is a small button near the bottom of the stick, click once, remembering to smile for the camera and your moment is captured.

The kids and I have had fun pulling some faces for the camera to demonstrate.

Overall I was impressed. A great price and easy to use, the selfie stick is an invention that broadens the variety of photos which I can take with my phone which can only be a good thing surely??!!!


Disclaimer : I was sent this product FOC for reviewing purposes however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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