Wednesday 4 February 2015

Getting Started With KiQplan

Exercise is something I struggle with, a mixture of not having time and losing motivation makes it difficult to keep up a good routine. I think like many people, I find it hard to follow through with my promises to myself and what changes I make in the new year tend to slowly disappear and my old lifestyle starts kicking in.

This month I am being introduced to KiQplan. From the makers of Fitbug, this consists of a library of many interactive coaching programs which will work alongside many of the well known trackers, smartphones and smart watches to help people reach their desired fitness goals.


Priced at £19.99, KiQplan is designed to be your personal trainer. Combining the use of wearable technology, interactive media and the all improtant expert advice, the idea is to give everyone that extra motivation, a kick up the bum if you will to reach their potential.

There are tailored weight loss programs for both men and women including Beer Belly Blaster and Healthy Baby Bump. Each one is 12 weeks long and includes advice about nutrition, how to exercise videos and much more. You are able to track your habits over the weeks and you get tips and rewards along the way.

KiQplan programs

I am just about to start the Slim + Trim program, I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I will be keeping you all up to date with my progress and just how KiQplan is working for me.


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