Tuesday 3 February 2015

Weekly Weigh In 03.02.2015

Can't believe we are in February already. I've been on the path to getting fit and healthy for 4 weeks now. Weighing in each week and writing it down here has certainly kept me motivated, even when the lbs weren't dropping off.

The scales results are in and last week I managed to lose 1 and half lbs so in total I've lost 5 and half lbs in 4 weeks putting me at 7 stone 8 n half lbs which I am really pleased with. Infact I'm that happy that I'm sharing some photos of my progress with you.

I will admit I still haven't got a tape measure so I don't know exactly how many inches I've lost but there is definitely a difference in my body shape. I've managed to lose the bloated tummy (although the saggy skin which you can't see is still there).

The love handles are slowly decreasing and there is some definition around the ab area starting to show. 

These photos make all the effort I've put in so far worth it and I'm more determined to stick with it instead of giving up like I normally would have done by now.

So what's my plan this week?

Exercise wise I'd like to add in more weight and resistant training as my main aim now isn't so much losing the lb's, it is more focussed on toning up those all important muscles (which also helps with the fat burning). I was lucky to receive a fab package from Banana Moon last week full of fitness goodies included some much needed protein shakes. I've been putting my fab tshirt to good use too.

Food wise I have allowed myself a couple of treats again, a couple of glasses of wine and I did treat myself to that chocolate bar on my birthday. I've not stopped feeling guilty about it, I just exercise a bit more in the day to balance it all out. My meal plan for this week :

Breafast - Overnight oats or porridge with fruit and nuts

Lunch - Soup or scrambled eggs with ryvita crackers

Dinner - 

Monday - Quinoa egg bake
Tuesday - Chicken breasts in a nando sauce with new potatoes and vegetables
Wednesday - Beef stir fry
Thursday - Turkey mince and wholewheat pasta with a pesto sauce
Friday - Chicken waldorf salad
Saturday - Jacket potato with coleslaw
Sunday - Slow cooked pork with potatoes and vegetables.

Drink wise I am sticking to green tea and water and adding in Dr Stuart's tea before bed.

Hope everyone else is managing to stick to their goals. 2015 is the year of being healthy!!



  1. Wow you're looking great! :) Absolutely loving that t-shirt.

  2. Your looking great, can see a difference for sure. I would love that goody bag. :-)

  3. Wow you're looking great. Loving the tshirt :) #bloggingtojogging

  4. Well done chick! You are looking fab - there is a proper noticeable difference! Fab loss so far but don't overdo it! Sim #weightlosswednesday xx

  5. You are so right about motivation! Sharing your experience and writing about it helps keep motivated and probably motivates other people too. I find it inspirational to see other people stick to their routines. I sometimes don't feel like working out but then I just kick myself and do it. Having a fitness blog helps. How could I preach it if I didn't keep up with it myself :D I can see from your photos you've made great progress! Keep up the good work!


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