Saturday 28 February 2015

Project 365 2015 Week 9

So half term is over, everyone say bbbooooo!! We are only 2 months into project 365 but I found for a couple of weeks I was finding myself becoming bored of it. However these last couple of weeks moments seem to have just popped up and I've found myself needing to capture them.

I don't know about any of you but I really don't like it when the kids go back to school, the house just seems too quiet and it's then that I find myself considering home schooling!!

The girls were excited to get back though, straight back into learning, Gracie went into the golden book for good work and Freya got 10 out of 10 on an accelerated reading test, go girls :)

Hubby finally had a bit of time off work and I think you'll see from the photos that a certain toddler was rather pleased to have him around.

The big moment of the week was when Gracie got her ears pierced, I actually asked a question about ear piercing over on my facebook page, peoples opinions on the matter vary a lot.

Day 53

Bad weather called for a lazy Sunday so the girls were camping out in their tent.

Day 54

I recieved a very intriguing book to read and review.

Day 55

Coffee/fruit shoot date with daddy.

Day 56

Another trip out with daddy and it was hugs and smiles all round.

Day 57

Today was the day that Gracie got her ears pierced, I can't believe how brave she was, smiled the whole time, she only had tears for a few seconds after, which soon vanished when they offered her not one but two lollipops.

Day 58

A nice new clock, now if only I remembered to buy the batteries for it lol.

Day 59

Determined to catch these girls together more, and of course waiting for breakfast was the perfect opportunity :)


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  1. Lovely photo's Chantelle. Awe Layla does seem delighted to be spending time with Daddy! Lovely x

  2. Love your new clock, and I can't believe how grown up all your girls are looking now! Very brave Gracie getting her ears pierced, Gemma keeps asking about having hers done too. #365

  3. This project can get difficult at times. I know how you feel about half term and quiet houses - home schooling pops into my head occasionally but that's more to do with the testing and pressure in schools these days :( Keep it up :)

  4. How are you getting on with The Ice Twins? I'm just over half way and it's really sucked me in. I hate the end of the holidays too and I only have one child, it must feel deathly quiet without your girls #365

  5. Someone was happy to have daddy home. The book and the kit it comes with look very interesting! Love the clock, its words are very true x

  6. We hate the end of the holidays :( Never mind, Easter soon! Oooh the book looks good! #365

  7. I must admit I get a bit bored of my pictures sometimes. I take pictures every day, but some of them are dull - review items etc. I just pick a few to show, but then in holidays there are more fun pictures everyday. Love the idea of a lazy Sunday in the tent.

  8. Lovely pics, especially your little girl hugging daddy. That's just so cute!

  9. Cute photo of your youngest with her Daddy!

  10. I've got the Ice Twins too. Brilliant book, it's been back to quick reading wanting to get through it asap.

  11. I hate it when my Monkey returns to school after holidays, I miss his cheeky self.
    But Nevermind, soon be Easter!.
    Lovely pic of all your girls together at the table :).

  12. home schooling .. i have never considered it as i love it when the routine is back and that stint of quite in the day means i can work .. or i maybe just mean xx

  13. What lovely photos! That clock is gorgeous! So unusual x


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