Thursday 12 February 2015

Saving Money With Aldi

Food bills. These seem to keep going up and up and this isn't just because the number of children I have has increased over the years!! It is the price of things like meat and fresh produce that I find to be the most expensive. So when I was recently asked by Aldi if I'd go and do a shop around my local Aldi store to see if I could save myself some money on my weekly shop, I just had to give it a go.

I was sent £40's worth of vouchers towards my food shop. I tried to stick with the things I would normally buy.

So lets start with the negatives. My local Aldi store is a very small one so doesn't stock the biggest range of things so there were certain items that I wasn't able to purchase, this isn't a reflection on all Aldi stores though. I also found that a lot of products didn't have long dates on them so I would be left having to buy the same again sooner than I'd like.

But having said all this, did I save money?

Yes I did!! £40 got me a lot for my money with bags of potatoes for as little as 59p and branded products such as Colgate toothpaste for a tiny 75p, I was impressed.

The best savings were when it came to the price of meat. A comparison to where I normally shop :

The cost of 540g chicken breast in Aldi was £3.35, in Tesco just 400g chicken breast cost £4.00.

The cost of 500g diced pork in Aldi was £2.39, in Tesco 500g diced pork was £3.00.

The cost of 150g king prawns in Aldi was £2.15, in Tesco 160g king prawns cost £3.50.

The cost of 500g beef strips in Aldi was £2.99, in Tesco 350g cost £4.00

And all these amounts saved add up and the great thing with the meats is that they can be bought, frozen on the day and eaten at a later date.

One of the recipes I came up with after shopping was for healthy beef fajitas :


* 500g beef stir fry strips (£2.99 in Aldi)
* 1 red pepper
* 1 red onion
* tsp chilli powder
* tbsp sunflower oil
* romaine lettuce (£0.89 for 2 at Aldi)


* Heat up the oil in a pan and cook the beef until all the outside is browned off.

* Add in the pepper, onion and chilli powder and continue to cook for a further 4-5 minutes

* Place the lettuce on the plates and place the fajita mixture into each individual lettuce leaf.

* Serve with spicy mexican rice.

Overall I was impressed with Aldi. I don't think I'd do my whole shop at Aldi but there are certain bits that I will definitely continue to buy from there now as there are many savings to be made.



  1. When I was younger, my mum would do the food in three different shops to get the best deals. It sounds like Aldi did well and those fajitas look tasty x

  2. I love Aldi! I'm always so surprised at how much cheaper things are there. Definitely one of my favourite shops :)

  3. I still haven't made a trip to my Aldi yet, it's only me being lazy as there isn't one super local to me. Although it looks like a good deal and might be worth a trip there.

  4. I love the meat at Aldi and it's a lot cheaper than other major supermarkets. I found that the stewing steak is lovely and the large pack is more than enough for four of us. I use Aldi for a top up shop

  5. I need to go check out food shopping at Aldi with such good money saving.

  6. You seem to have the exact same issues with Aldi as me. Wherever I have lived (Nottingham, Hertfordshire, London) the stores are just too small to be able to do your one weekly shop. We try avoiding the mid week shops at all cost because that's where we see the bills rack up.

    Aldi is fab for weird and wonderful things too (check out the Shitake Mushroom Pate) which is delectably cheap but I just don't have the time for multiple shops :(

  7. I've recently switched to shopping in Aldi, the cost of the meat was amazing compared to my usual supermarket


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