Friday 6 March 2015

30 Things To Do Before You're 30

This year I turned twenty nine, meaning I have less than a year before I reach the grand old age of thirty. Ok, I know age is but a number but it's had me thinking recently about all the things I've achieved in life so far and the dreams that still remain. Have I missed some vital moments, are there things that I need to get ticked of the "bucket list"?

Whilst deep in thought, I also put a question to some fellow bloggers,  what are the 30 things you recommend doing before you turn 30?

Between myself and them, I've managed to compile quite a list. It is filled with the expected, the not so expected and the down somewhat outrageous. Take a look and see how many you can tick off :

1. Have children. I definitely achieved this, 4 daughters later and I've done more than my bit for the worlds population.

2. Fall in love. This happened early on for me, I was 18 and it was almost love at first sight. Over 10 years have passed and the love continues to grow.

3. Get married. This may be a stressful process for some but it is a day you will never forget.

4. Buy a house. This is something Mummy and The Chunks suggested. Until last year this wasn't really on my radar, until my father in law made it possible for it to happen. It is a wonderful feeling knowing I own my own home and have something to pass down to my children.

5. Travel to New York. This is a personal dream of mine, one that has yet to happen. I'd love to be able to visit the Big Apple. Specifically during New Year celebrations.

6. Invest in an expensive handbag. A brilliant suggestion from Going On An Adventure. As she quite rightly said, it is a worthwhile investment.

7. Have afternoon tea at claridges. We all want to pretend we're posh right?

8. See the Northern Lights. Something that Crazy With Twins is yet to tick of her bucket list.

9. Watch a show at the theatre. My husband isn't big on the idea of musicals but I'm hoping all my nagging will get him to take me one day.

10. Get to grips with DIY. Now I'm not bad when it comes to flat packs but even that stresses me out. However this idea from Stomach Kind is both sensible and useful, I mean it doesn't have to be the mans job does it?

11. Learn to sew. A personal one of mine. I'm ashamed to say, I still rely on my mum for all things sewing related, I can't even sew on a button and name labels, can you say iron on!!

12. Do something out of your comfort zone. I think we all get far too comfortable and get bogged down by the same routine all of the time. Good to spice it up every once in while. My Mummy's Pennies did this when she done some public speaking recently.

13. Run a marathon. I love running but distance has never been my fortay, I'd love to be able to run even a half marathon.

14. Raise money for charity. This ties in with the marathon really as I think the two would coincide with each other.

15. Go on a holiday of a lifetime. This is some Sit Still Monkeys had in mind. I don't think I'll achieve this before I'm 30 as my aim is Disney World but maybe one to go on my list of 40 before 40?

16. Learn a different language. My husbands step mother is German and her parents speak very little English so it would be great to learn their language and be able to hold a full conversation with them. Spanish might not be a bad one to learn either, think retirement ;)

17. Bungee jump. I'm not sure I'm with The House That Never Rests with this one, it would mean getting over my fear of heights!!

18. Learn to drive. This is something I done 3 years ago however I still have a fear of doing it, it is normally the husband behind the wheel so I guess before I'm thirty I need to get over this irrational fear.

19. Write a book. I love the thought of doing this. My eldest daughter is keen to be an author and Tealady Mumbles seems to think it's a good idea too.

20. Read To Kill a Mockingbird. I'm not known for reading the classics but I think this is one book that I should have on my bookshelf.

21. Camp out under the stars. Such a freeing thing to do and I hope Ruby + Lottie manage to achieve this goal.

22. Dye your hair crazy colours. I've done pink and I've done red, I'm yet to do the purple but there's something strangely liberating about changing how you look some how.

23. Write a will. This is one that I need to do asap, Emmys Mummy's contribution might seem boring but it is sensible and important.

24. Own a pair of Louis Vuittons. It's no secret I love shoes but I think my life may be complete if I could have a pair of these on my shoe rack.

25. Attend as many gigs and festivals as you can. I totally agree with Mummy of Two, I saw Chase n Status last year (epic) and I get the pleasure of seeing Foo Fighters this year. I'm yet to persuade the husband to camp out at a festival but I'd love to attend Glastonbury eventually.

26. Learn to love yourself. I'm still working on this one but I'm getting there. I don't think we can be truly happy if we don't love ourselves.

27. Walk on fire. Now Kate on Thin Ice says this helps you believe in yourself.

28. Sleeping on a beach. My husband and I have jokingly said this a few times, cheaper holiday (forget the hotel costs), maybe that's what Monkey Footed Mum was thinking too?

29. Get a new hobby. Whether that be knitting, flower decoration, photography. Gaining new skills in life can never be a bad thing and The Mini Mes and Me certainly has this in mind.

30. Make mistakes. I think this an important one because as we get older I do believe we learn from our mistakes and learning makes us grow as a person and allows us to prevent others from making those same mistakes.

There we have it, my list is complete. How many can you tick off? I've certainly got my work cut out for me the rest of this year! Do you have any other things you can suggest  that need to be forfilled before the big 3 0??



  1. You used my suggestion! :D it is something we only by chance acheived too thanks to family. I am so with you on the theatre! I would love to go to the West End and watch a real show. Hopefully I can acheive it before I am 30. Good job I still have six years!

  2. We slept on a beach in Goa! Totally beyoBe my comfort zone but I loved it! im at 23 out Of 30 but way beyond age 30 maybe I should start a 40 before 40?

  3. There's 11 I haven't done and I'm 52... is it too late?


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