Wednesday 4 March 2015

Chad Valley PlaySmart Range Review

I am a huge fan of Chad Valley toys, I've had the pleasure of working with them in the past and most recently I reviewed some of their Design Boutiques range. So when I received a surprise delivery from them last month, I think I was more excited than the girls. Chad Valley have been going for 150 years now but they consistently come up with new and innovative products. this time they gave my girls and I the chance to have a play with their new PlaySmart range.

I was immediately impressed before opening the boxes because I am a huge believer of learning through play and these toys are designed to do just that. There are 19 toys in the range costing between £6.99 and £29.99, each one keeping in mind that learning should be fun.

We were sent : Family Fun Learning Games, Early Learning Pack, Jumbo Alphabet and Number Floor  Jigsaws and Magnetic Learning Play Desk (this quickly became our favourite).

chad valley playsmart range

Each toy manages to either reinforce or expand your child's learning. Complimenting what they are learning at school and they are actually a great aid for parents too with suggestions on the packaging as to what the toys are great for, means you can play something different each time you get them out of the box.

With a mixture of bright colours and fun games, this range helps in many areas such as literacy, mathematics, colour and shape recognition, problem solving and one of the most important ones, imagination!!

It allows you to help your child if they are struggling in a particular area of learning. There are even reward stickers inside for you to give to your children. I find stickers are always a great way to let children know they've done a good job and giving them positive recognition helps to keep them excited about what they are doing.

And even better if you aren't sure which toy you should go for, each box states which areas of development each toy focuses on.

The PlaySmart range allows for children to play/learn by themselves but it also encourages them to share with other children/adults.

My girls have spent hours playing together with these toys now. My eldest two have actually taken to being the "teachers" to my youngest two, again showing just how their imagination comes into play with this range.

Aimed at children aged 3+, there is a toy for every child in this range and I like that they are affordable too. A brilliant range for every day play that encourages creativity and a renewed excitement about learning.


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  1. Fab review, I love Chad Valley toys too! Our kids always enjoy playing with them and they're reasonably priced which is always a bonus.


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