Wednesday 4 March 2015

Princess Play Tent Review

princess play tent
All of my girls are very girly girls, they love anything pink and if it has something to do with princesses then you are definitely onto a winner, so when we were recently asked by Big Game Hunters if we'd like to review their Princess Play Tent, I just couldn't refuse.

Big Game Hunters actually stock a range of tents and wigwams, there are ones to suit any child's personality but the princess tent was most certainly the right choice for my children.

I was surprised when it arrived just how small (although heavy) the box was. My initial thought was that the tent surely wasn't going to be big enough for all my girls to fit in there, how wrong I was!!

The box contained instructions, poles, screws, plastic attachments and the fabric covering itself, the packaging had been very deceiving indeed.

Putting the tent together was a fairly simple task. It took me around 15 minutes from start to finish and I done it with no help.

One problem that I could of had was with the screws. Now the screws aren't necessarily needed they are more of an extra safety precaution, I didn't put them in for two reasons.

1) I wanted to be able to take the tent back down quickly if needed, something which wouldn't have been possible with the screws in.

2) Where the screws were meant to go, there were no holes, they would have needed drilling into the poles, something which I can't do myself. Now I have been in contact with the company and they have told me that the holes are meant to be pre drilled so mine just escaped the process ;)

However after putting the tent together without the screws I can confirm it is more than sturdy without them in. We've had the tent up for almost 4 weeks now, with the girls all piling in and out of it and there hasn't even been a wobble with the structure itself.

When erected, the tent takes up a fair amount of space so I would say you need a good size room if you plan on using it indoors. It was a great fit in our dining room and the girls have been using it daily. I love the design, covered in hearts, flowers and butterflies it is definitely fit for a princess but this doesn't mean boys can't play in there too, I mean every princess needs a prince!!

The door and windows all open and close, kept open by ribbons tied round them inside. This allows for light to be let in if wanted. And the flag on top really shows that all details have been thought of.

What I love the most about this tent is that it is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The lovely designed cotton canvas is both waterproof and washable. My eldest two are already talking about camping out in the garden in it during the Summer months.

This tent provides hours of fun. It is something that gets kids imaginations going, I love hearing the girls playing make believe and of course they've been getting their princess costumes on ready for their "palace".

However it isn't just for play time. This tent has proven to be the best place to get a bit of quiet time or when the kids just want to sit back and relax. My eldest daughter has been getting herself comfy in there and has made it her place to be when she wants to read a book and all the kids have been putting their fleecy blankets inside and snuggling up on those wet and windy days we've been having.

Currently priced at £45, I would definitely recommend this princess tent to others. It can grow with your children, the games they play inside of it will change/adapt as they get older but because of the size of the tent and the quality of the materials, I can see it standing the test of time!!


Disclaimer : I was sent this tent FOC for reviewing purposes however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Aww! That is just adorable! It looks great quality. Looks like you've all been having a great time in it x

  2. LOVE this!! Both my girls would adore something like this, it can be used for so many things! Great price too! #TriedTested

  3. That's looks amazing, my little lady would love it! Great review x

  4. What a great play tent, it would be lovely for a summer hideaway in the garden. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  5. How awesome is that? I love Big Game Hunters, their stuff is such fun! x x

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