Friday 13 March 2015

Talking About 'That Time Of The Month'

Women all get 'that time of the month' eventually yet we all seem embarassed to say what it actually is. A period!!

It's a simple word that seems to have become taboo. I've heard it called so many things over the years and most sound worse than using its actual name. I mean who really wants to know that your 'on the blob' or that you've 'got the painters in'.

Lets be honest, it is a natural process that most women have to endure atleast a few times a year and although not something enjoyable, it is also not something to be feared.

I don't know when it became a subject to be avoided but I do remember when I started mine and not knowing what the feck was happening to me.

See my mum never sat me down and gave me 'the talk' and she never explained what changes would happen with my body, not sure why, feeling awkward and not knowing how to start the conversation maybe?

All I know is when my period arrived I was at home alone with my brothers thinking I was dying, yes I was that dramatic!! My mum had to come home from work to save me from myself.

This is one of the things I swore as a parent I would do differently. Being a mum to four daughters I think it's something that we should all be able to discuss openly. I've never hidden my period from my girls, when they were toddlers they were aware that mummy 'had blood' but it was nothing to be scared about.

But now that they are getting older and they are wanting more details I've decided to put together a little starter pack for my eldest two so that they won't get caught out like I did.

People have already suggested numerous times that I need to take out shares in tampons and sanitary towels, an idea worth considering!!

In all seriousness though, there is only so much I can describe and these days I'm tempted to tell them to ask google.

So I've invested in the book :

Girls Only
All about periods and growing up stuff

Victoria Parker

to help me explain things in better detail and I'm making up my own period starter kits including tampons, sanitary towels, spare knickers and wipes for the girls to keep in there school bags so that they will be prepared wherever they are.

I've always had an open door policy when it comes to my kids. No matter the question I've always given them some sort of answer, just not always as in-depth as it could be depending on which child is asking.

Period talk should be no different, I don't want my kids feeling like they can't discuss these things with me, I get that parents can be embarassing but they should be the ones children look to first for advice on these matters.

I also think this is a subject that should be discussed more at schools as lets be honest it may happen to girls but boys should be aware of periods as well.

If we can be more open and honest with our children, maybe the next generation of children won't see these types of subjects as taboo anymore!!



  1. I've told my eldest all about periods....My mother never told me about them so I didn't want her to go through the same as I did. She's doing about them at school at the moment....They fit them into the Science lessons about reproduction.

  2. I did this in a similar way to you - only difference is I had two boys and was determined they wouldn't grow up not knowing what periods were or how someone could be feeling

  3. I have a boy who will be 3 next month but if I'm lucky to have a girl in the future this is very useful information hun. I can still use parts of this to educate H when he's older anyway like Sheila above me said.
    Thanks for sharing hun
    Charlotte x

  4. Definitely best just to be pen about these things, my family was very much in the given you a book about it and look embarrassed camp, so at least I had some preparation but it didn't really make me feel I could ask questions, hopefully things will be a bit better for my girls.

  5. Great post. I have a little girl and little boy. I have never hidden my period from them. They're too young to know too much but they know that it's something that girls get, that it's normal, and not to be afraid of or worried about.
    I love the idea of a 'starter/emergency pack' & will definitely do this for my daughter when she's at this stage in her life. x

  6. We talk about these things at home and with an 11 yo daughter time is ticking! I let her read a book with me then ask any questions


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