Saturday 14 March 2015

Project 365 2015 Week 11

Dare I say it but I think Spring is on its way. We've had plenty of sunshine this week although I had to admit it but that isn't really reflected in this weeks project 365 photos.

This has been a busy week filled with mother's day assemblies, parents evenings, parties and sleepovers.

I was happy to hear that both Gracie and Freya are doing really well at school well on target to achieve the goals set for them and plenty of time to exceed those targets. Elise's teacher was off sick so I'll have to wait to hear how she is getting on.

Hubby was back on nights so I made the mistake decision to let the older two have friends sleep over Friday night, I even had an extra friend round to play for a couple of hours, that was 7 kids in total at one point, 7 girls to be precise, think make up, one direction and princesses!!

Day 67

The girls and I still weren't 100% so it was a lazy day after a busy day on Saturday, not sure how this was comfortable for Freya!!

Day 68

Daddy challenged the girls to a game of Mortal Kombat on the XBox, Gracie nearly defeated him again!!

Day 69

Girls were at school and Layla was at playschool so I got treated to breakfast out.

Day 70

Her hair is finally getting longer, we have bunches!!

Day 71

There was a little Sofia book club party going on in our house, I caught a photo of Layla and Gracie and I happen to think they look adorable.

Day 72

Red nose day. The girls had to dress in their onesies for school and of course Layla had to join in too.

Day 73

Poor Layla, poorly again, it just seems never ending, this time a sore throat and ear ache. She woke up only to go back asleep again.


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  1. Fantastic photos! I love the photos of them all in their onesies! So cute x

  2. laughed at sneaky daddy getting to play mortal combat - challenge the girls and they wont
    Love the four of them in their onesies complete with their noses.
    Poor Layla, I hated it when they got one thing after another.
    Great colour dresses and they are adorable.

  3. Ooooh Eggs Benedict? Lovely breakfast treat! Your girls are so sweet together but 7 girls all at once?! You are brave :)

  4. Yum, that breakfast treat looks delicious. Hope you are all on the mend now, and the onesie shot is cute #365

  5. That breakfast looks amazing. Layla looks super cute with bunches, and I love the red nose day pic. Hope everyone feels better soon. #365

  6. Poor little Layla - I love her bunches though! Great red nose day photo - and that breakfast looks gorgeous x

  7. Lovely photos! Two princesses are super cute and so is the Red Nose day picture! And I chuckled at the 1st photo, my little man does the same, using the others as a comfy seat without a second thought, if it's comfy for them or not.

  8. Love your little Sofia's, can't believe you had seven girls at one time in your house. I hope Layla feels better soon x

  9. I love the red nose day photo i think they all look great. I am sorry to hear that the little one isn't well. it has been the same in our house and E has a temp and is generally feeling poo. Sending *Get Well Soon* thoughts your way x

  10. Hope the little one is feeling better soon! So many bugs going about just now. Loving their RND dress up!

  11. Bless the little lady she really is suffering with illnesses recently.
    Love their dressing up gear

  12. Bless the little lady she really is suffering with illnesses recently.
    Love their dressing up gear

  13. Hope that Layla is feeling better soon, ear ache is so miserable :( Absolutely love the Sophie photo, my little girl loves her Sophie dress too :)

  14. Are you mad - 7 girls to look after?!!! LOL I love the bunches and the RND pic is fab :D

  15. There's sure been a lot of poorliness around hasn't there! Glad you are better now! Let's Hope Layla is too x

  16. Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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