Wednesday 15 April 2015

Mathematics Flash Cards Review

It's funny, I always excelled at maths over English yet my kids seem to be the total opposite, maybe that's where they take after their dad? However one this made one of my latest review offerings extremely apprpriate. I was offered the chance to review a set of mathematics flash cards.

mathematics flash cards

This set is priced at £5.99 for 57 cards. These cards aim to make learning about numbers fun rather than a daunting task.

You get a variety of numbers going right up to 100 and symbols which include plus, minus, multiply and divide.

The cards themselves are wonderfully eye catching, lots of vibrant colours, whilst the numbers and symbols stand out in brilliant white.

So infact these cards even double up as a way to help with learning colours too!!

Designed for children aged 3 and over, they are perfect for whatever level your child is working at. The pack even contains notes for parents with ideas on different games and activities you can work on together to reach certain goals and understanding.

These ideas include :

Guessing the missing number.

Putting the numbers in order, small to big or big to small.

Creating sums.


I found this set to be great value for money. Your child can sit and use them by themselves or you can create games together as a family, promoting learning through play, keeping things light hearted whilst gaining a love of numbers.

They've helped my 3 eldest children in different ways. My 5 year old has got a better grasp of number recognition and has started doing basic sums. My 7 year old has really improved with her multiplication  and division sums and my 9 year old has used the cards to increase the speed in which she can answer mathematical questions.

I'd definitely recommend these flash cards to others including friends and family. A small price to pay when helping with your child's education.


Disclaimer : I was sent these flash cards FOC for reviewing purposes however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. these looks fab - I'm looking for stuff to help Daniel with numbers so will be looking at these x

  2. These look great, the sort of thing to take to a restaurant to keep kids busy while they're waiting for their food :)

  3. Oh, these look fantastic! S is a little young now, but she's really into her numbers so these would make a great activity in a little while! #ReadWithMe

  4. these look pretty good. would love something like this for my eldest #Readwithme

  5. These look great! I love the colours x #ReadWithMe

  6. I could do with something like these for son2 who seems to struggle with maths unlike his big brother who is a maths whizz #readwithme

  7. These look perfect for primary school aged children , i am terrible at maths i could probably do with them myself xx

  8. These look brilliant, my 3yo is starting to take more of an interest in numbers so may have to get some of them x #readwithme


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