Tuesday 7 April 2015

Weekly Weigh In 07.04.2015

I can't believe we are into the month of April. I'm admitting straight away that my will power failed last week and I couldn't resist the Easter eggs but I am not going to feel too bad because the chocolate tasted good!!!

So the scales this week said that I had put on a 1lb, now the chocolate eating combined with the two bottles of wine I consumed, I was expecting a lot more put on so I'm not overly disappointed.

And I measured myself too with my waist and my hips measuring the same as last week. All in all not too bad and the photo below shows just why I'm not beating myself up about a gain.

I took a photo last week and shared it on my facebook page so I thought I would share here too. I know I'm not wearing the same clothes but I can see a noticable difference both in my hips (the love handles aren't as wide) and my stomach, definition is beginning to appear.

Exercise wise last week I managed to complete my first week of the Bikini guide workout, honestly I found it tough but I'm pleased I stuck with it as I felt so energised after every session, although my body was aching in places that I didn't even know existed.

Food wise as mentioned earlier I did tuck into some chocolate but my main meals remained healthy, I'm trying to keep things high in protein and fibre.

My meal plan for this week is as follows :

Breakfast - porridge, granola or smoothies

Lunch - scrambled egg, toast with peanut butter n cottage cheese, scrambled egg or couscous salad with falafel

Dinner -

Monday - Dinner out
Tuesday - Slow cooker chicken and sweet potato curry
Wednesday - Huevos rancheros
Thursday - Beef stir fry
Friday - Salmon fillet with a sweet jacket potato
Saturday - Turkey steaks with couscous
Sunday - Gammon roast dinner

Drink wise I've reached the end of my teatox, a full review will be going up next week but for now I will say I'd be happy to carry on drinking the tea. I'm now back to green tea, water and protein shakes and of course the occasional coffee. Having drunk alcohol at the weekend I'm planning on putting myself on a self imposed ban for a little bit as these are calories my body just doesn't need.

Here's to another good week of being healthy.



  1. There is a huge noticeable difference - you have done so well! You are allowed a treat for sure and it was Easter, what better time to indulge! Hope you have a good week! Sim #WeightLossWednesday xx

  2. Well done you are doing so well. I hope I can do as well as you!

  3. You're looking fantastic, well done lovely and glad you enjoyed the chocolate! Thanks for linking up with #BloggingToJogging xx


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