Tuesday 21 April 2015

Weekly Weigh In 21.04.2015

So last week I said I was going to have a week without alcohol, turns out I have no will power when it comes to wine, although I did make a bottle of wine last over 4 days so it wasn't all bad.

Jumping on the scales this week I was feeling more positive, exercise has been going well and for the most part I've been eating really well, I may have snuck in an ice cream or two, well it was extremely warm weather.

So this week I stayed the same with my weight and my measurements which I guess I should be happy with.

Now the picture above is why I'm feeling more motivated this week. The top photo was from roughly a year and a half ago and the bottom one was from last Wednesday. Now according to the blog post where the first picture came from, I weighed less than I do now but my measurements were roughly the same re waist and hips. However the bottom picture looks a lot better in my opinion, ok the saggy skin still remains (dreaded bum tum) but I think even that is receeding and there is less love handles, more definition, even the stretch marks have faded.

The photo below shows a better view of how I look now.

So what I'm trying to get at is that it isn't all about the numbers on the scale because I weigh more now but my body appears to look healthier and more in shape. In short it is more about how you look and feel rather than the lbs!!

Food wise this week I'm not writing a meal plan as I am starting the 3 week diet plan and the first week is all about vegetables and protein so a lot of soups, salads etc

Drink wise the diet calls for just water however I think I may modify it slightly so that I can still have a cup of green tea a day.

Anyone else started to get fit now that the sunshine is making more of an appearance, do you feel the pressure to get fit this time of year??



  1. Wow you can really see a difference - you must be so pleased with all your hard work...well done!

  2. Can really see the difference, you look amazing. Throw those pesky scales away, according to mine I weigh 1 stone heavier in my bathroom than in my bedroom, despite being the same surface. Crazy!

  3. Well done! I have been weighing myself every few days and had been disappointed that I have only lost half a stone in a month until I saw the difference jn my body yesterday and realised my stomach muscles must be slowly building finally!

  4. Fantastic! There's such a noticeable diffrence :) my guess is you now have a lot of extra muscle, hence no change in weight but looking even more awesome than the first pic :)

  5. You can see a visible difference. All the exercise is definitely paying off, well done you!! I need to be a bit more disciplined. But probably after baby now :)

  6. You can see the difference, go you!
    I really need to start getting fit, but I seem to have no motivation at the minute =(

  7. You look great and you can tell the difference in the photos. I agree with you, the second photo seems more toned.

    I'm going on holiday this summer and am trying to lose weight for then. I've started my running again this week and did 2 miles today. I was worn out but it felt good.

    Good luck with this week hun. xx

  8. You look fab! You can definitely see a difference.
    I don't really feel pressure to get fit at this time of year, but I definitely feel more motivated by the nicer weather and want to get out and be more active x

  9. I definitely agree that summer is the ultimate motivation, but I always find it easier to lose weight in winter for some reason! x


  10. Wow! A noticeable difference chick! You have done amazingly well and proved that it isn't all down to what the scales tell you! Good luck on the new diet plan, definitely keep us updated - as for a bottle of wine over 4 days - very restraint indeed, especially with this weather! I think people are definitely feeling the fitness bug more in this weather - there has been a sudden influx of fit men at the gym this week ;)
    Thank you for linking up #WeightLossWednesday! See you next week, Sim xx

  11. Wow I wished I looked like you after 4 babies! I've only had one and Id love a nice flat tum like yours! Well done!

    X Becca #weightlosswednesday

    Ps I'm also in the no willpower when it comes to wine club!!

  12. You can definitely see the difference! It goes to show we can definitely get a bit too focused on the scales rather than what we see in the mirror! Well done x


  13. Just keep at it and make sure you learn ways to indulge yourself that still keep you on track. That makes the whole process easier to stick to.


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