Wednesday 13 May 2015

Cuddledry Swim Poncho Towel Review

You may have notest the shiny new badge on my sidebar recently. I'm lucky enough to have been kept on as one of Cuddledry's superbloggers and of course this means that as well as bringing you some of their latest news and offers, I also get to test out and review some of their products and let you lovely readers know just how good they are.

So today I'm sharing with you my thoughts on the Swim Poncho Towel. Priced at £26.99, this towel is designed for children aged 1-3, that all important toddler stage. They come available in blue only but you have the choice of two different pipings, orange or green. Being honest I'd love to see more colour options available but I can see the appeal of the coours chosen as they are bright so your child can easily be spotted when wearing it.

cuddledry swim poncho towel

 cuddledry swim poncho towel

Now you may be thinking well what's so different about this towel compared to other ones on the market. Surprisingly quite a bit. The towel itself was created with the help of swimming professionals and is made with Cuddledry's signature blend of materials, pure cotton and bamboo. These have been created to make time at the pool less stressful.

The material of the towel is what stands out, not only is it extremely soft but it is super absorbent too, this gets your little ones dry in next to no time and means they also warm up quickly after jumping out of the water. And what is even better about the bamboo, a material that I've always been a huge fan of, is that it's antibacterial too, great peace of mind for parents. And even after frequent washing the towel remains like new, wonderfully fluffy.

Features include a soft and snuggly hood, great for keeping warm and for drying the hair and underarm poppers, creating a sleeve to keep the poncho in place once on because we all know how slipperly toddlers on the move can be!!!

cuddledry swim poncho towel arm poppers

I'll admit we haven't had the chance to test the poncho out at the pool yet but I thought bath time was a good substitute, just as much splashing going on. Easy to put on and it was just the right length making it simple for my youngest to wander around.

Layla stands testament to just how comfy these towels are because she wanted to wear it to bed instead of her pyjamas!!

Overall we loved the towel, soft and snuggly, dries brilliantly as well as being kind to their skin.


Disclaimer : I was sent this towel FOC for reviewing purposes however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. That looks great and perfect for a day at the beach or swimming. xx

  2. She looks so happy, this would be fab for travelling it's a lovely cover up and soft enough for sunny snoozing (my termite's favourite thing)


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