Wednesday 13 May 2015

Miffy's Birthday Book Review

You must know by now that the classic bunny Miffy is turning 60 and I don't think it would be right if we didn't have a look at one of her books and what better book to have a peek at than one that celebrates this special rabbit's birthday.

miffy 6oth anniversary

Miffy's birthday was originally published in 1970 but of course it has been republished time and time again allowing us to continue her celebrations with her.

miffy's birthday

Written in large print, the rhyming sentences are still as wonderful to read as they were when they were first written for our reading pleasure. Dick Bruna's writing style is classic yet manages to slot into modern day with ease. 

I love being able to share the book with my kids as Miffy was a huge part of my own childhood.

The book includes brilliantly bright pictures so your child can pick out different objects and even begin to learn their colours as they turn the pages. 

Miffy celebrates her birthday just how I would, with presents to open, great food to eat and family surrounding her, the best way to enjoy such a special day. 

It is my youngest daughter's birthday in a couple of months so as we were reading I was asking her the type of gifts she'd like to receive, what she would enjoy eating for her birthday dinner. 

This 60th anniversary hardback addition can be purchased for £8.99, a worthwhile investment in my opinion.

I hope you'll be joining me in saying happy birthday to Miffy over the next few months.



  1. Wow 60 years. I have to say I do not have any Miffy books, but I will be looking out for them on my shopping trips. :-)

  2. I loved Miffy as a child and definitely want to get a copy of this anniversary edition for my daughter :)


  3. I loved Miffy books as a child and they are the first ones I can remember choosing myself at the library #readwithme

  4. we love Miffy, she's just the cutest bunny #Readwithme

  5. aw cute. funny how such a simple idea can stay the course. still popular today


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