Tuesday 26 May 2015

Food Is Not The Enemy

Ok so a short but sweet update from me this week. I've come to realise over the past few weeks that food isn't the enemy, yes it can be fattening and far too tempting at times but the real enemy when it comes to my body, my weight and my appearance is me.

I am my own worst enemy. We are all in charge of ourselves and what we eat and drink and how we let that affect ourselves.

I mentioned recently that I've been weighing myself less, well I actually jumped on the scales yesterday and in 4 weeks I've put on one lb, this I'm more than happy with, I'm actually hoping that gain is down to my period being on the way, yes I said the word period!!

Over the years I have come to realise that I am a bit of an emotional eater, I also eat when I'm bored but I think the good thing is that I've begun to recognise these traits so I can do something about it.

A lot my eating habits also boil down to my lack of will power. I know that certain foods will only travel to my hips once consumed but there are times where I've just thought sod it and eaten them anyway, that was my choice, I can't blame the food for the numbers on the scales increasing even though I'd really like to.

This year has been a real turning point for me, my attitude towards myself is finally changing and along with that my thoughts about food are evolving too.

I'm fed up of making myself feel guilty if I put on weight, blaming it on that extra glass of wine or that cake I just couldn't say not to. Yes I still eat bad foods but there is a limit to how much I eat and when I eat it and when I do eat any junk food I most certainly let myself enjoy every last bit of it.

And here's where I'll be really honest, sometimes if I feel I've ate too much on any given day then I will just exercise that little bit more the next day, stops any guilty thoughts from creeping in.

What I need to remember is that food doesn't rule me, I am in full control as to what enters my body, my body is in no way a temple but I want to look after it regardless.

Food really isn't the enemy it is just part of my battle.



  1. Great post! And you're right, it's about not letting food control you. I'm an emotional eater too and if I have nothing to do I seem to be drawn to the kitchen. It's about recognising that and coming to terms with it too #bloggingtojogging

  2. Well said lovely lady, a mindset change can make the world of difference! Thanks for linking with #BloggingToJogging xx


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