Friday 1 May 2015

Learning Maths the Maths Factor Way

For myself, as a child, maths was one of the easiest subjects. I got an A* in my GCSEs and even took on an extra GCSE in statistics in year 10 earning myself a B. My children on the other hand seem to take after their dad, it isn't that they aren't any good with maths, it's just that they need that extra push to understand it all. This is where the Maths Factor aims to help.

The Maths Factor is an online educational service originally set up by Carol Vorderman (who has now partnered with Pearson Education), and created to help children aged 4-11 learn maths as well as increasing their confidence with the subject along the way.

I was recently given the chance to trial the site with my children and I have to say even before I begin my review that I was thoroughly impressed.

Accounts are quick and easy to set up (see end of post for pricing and bank holiday offer), you pick which school year your child is in so that the tutorials are tailored to what they are learning currently, you can however go back in the course if you feel the level is too hard for them.

the maths factor

You can add more than one child too so if you are like me and have more than school going child, they each get the help they want and need.

Both parent and child gets their own log in details and as parent you can choose to get emails sharing your child's progress. The photo below shows one such email telling me how Elise did in one of the tests she took.

You can even add other family members emails if you'd like them to see how your child is progressing too.

Children get to pick their own avatars, personalising their accounts, adding to the fun factor and being able to log in themselves gives them a sense if independence.

What I found impressive was just how engaging the tutorials were. There are videos which demonstrate just what you are learning about and how the sums etc are worked out. Some included songs which even if you didn' like the tune they were certainly catchy which will always stick on your mind. You can even print off certain work sheets so not all the work has to be done online.

It allows you to work with your child and learn alongside them so inturn building the parents confidence as well as the childs. A relief for most mums and dads, even for ones who like me who thought they had Maths sussed. I say this because the curriculum has changed drastically over the years and so has methods of learning.

I've often found myself googling certain terms like number lines and grids. Being able to see first hand just how our kids are working out sums takes the stress out of homework time for all parties involved.

Just from a few days use I wouldn't hesistate in recommending the site to people, it has certainly made my children more eager to learn, they've actually been asking to go on there rather than me telling them too, learning at their own request.

There are currently three ways to subscribe :

Monthly (£9.99)
Quarterly (£27.50)
Annually (£99)

Now the Maths Factor are quietly confident that you'll get the upmost for your money (I can't say I blame them) because they even offer a 30 day money back guarantee where if you cancel anytime within your first month you will get your whole subscription fee back in full!!!

OFFER TIME : for the next 4 days over the Bank holiday weekend, that's from the 1st May - 4th of May 2015, the Maths Factor have a great offer running, you can enjoy your 1st months subscription for just £4.99 so why not check it out for yourself.

Lets all start making maths the subject that everyone wants to learn.


Disclaimer : I was given a months free trial for my children however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Great post. Maths is so important. My girls aren't even in school yet and I've already decided that if they struggle, we'll get extra lessons and resources for Maths and English if we have to, I don't want them to find it a chore.x

  2. This looks great! I never heard of it before but I think we'll give it a try! Thanks!

  3. Maths never came naturally to me I got an E in my GCSE but did retake it to get a much needed C

  4. This looks so good, i will have to try it. My 7 year old is struggling in Maths, we have recently got a tutor in to give her extra help. This website looks so fun and is cheaper than the tutor!!

    Laura @


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