Tuesday 19 May 2015

Maintaining Weight After Losing It

With all my new found revalations about losing weight and my change in attitude to just what I want my body to look like I've been thinking how I'm going to maintain the weight that I've managed to reach.

I mean when you think about it maintaining a steady weight can be just as hard as the process of losing it in the first place. It all comes back to getting that elusive balance doesn't it.

At the start of the year I seemed to be exercising almost every day, this is something which was hard to keep up and to be honest now that I've lost over a stone in weight this year, I don't really need keep up such a vigirous routine.

My trouble is that I've always been a yoyo dieter and although I always manage to lose weight fairly quickly, I also allow it to creep back on far too easily as well. It is a vicious cycle that I would really like to avoid this time round.

So what is my plan for not ruining what I've achieved so far?

Well I think first things first I need to keep up some sort of exercise routine. Right now I've got it down to exercising on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday and if I feel like it I also try to do something on a Sunday too (mainly because I still like to drink wine on a weekend!!)

Food wise I've mentioned before about trying to stick to an 80:20 ratio. Majority of the time I'm going to be eating the healthier foods but I still want to be able to have a treat if I want. The problem for me is putting a limit on those treats. I seem to lack will power when it comes to chocolate and cake. If anyone has a solution to this I'd love to hear it.

Something else that I am doing is continuing a low carb diet. With all the diets etc that I've tried I have noticed that carbs especially pasta and rice do bloat my body and leave me with painful stomach cramps. These days I aim to have carbs with only one meal a day and try to make this meal nearer the middle of the day so that I can work off any unwanted calories throughout the day.

I'm happy with the way things are going. Habits are hard to break and I know my body will never be perfect but having stuck to my goals for almost 6 months now I am pretty determined to keep maintaining rather than gaining!!



  1. Maintaining is absolutely every bit as challenging as losing, it can be so easy to let bad habits creep back in. You are doing great, keep up the good work!

  2. Great post, this is what I do to maintain, just keep portions sizes in check, regular exercise and the 80:20 rule! :) xx

  3. I've always said that about maintaining, it is so hard - which is why even when you reach your target it will always be a work in progress. Some great decisions, you are doing great chick! Good luck with the low carbs - I try and stick to it, I tend not to eat potatoes but pasta and bread are my downfall :(
    Such lovely pictures as always! Sim #WeightLossWednesday xx

  4. This sounds exactly right, just what I want to achieve too so we can keep each other on the straight and narrow! Re the chocolate and cake, maybe healthier cereal bars or something? Or a Graze box, I love them! Thanks for linking with #BloggingToJogging xx

  5. Great blog post. I try to keep my portions small and make sure I eat my 3 main meals throughout the day and have healthy snacks like fruit in between meals.


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