Monday 18 May 2015

Read With Me #20

Hey there lovely people and welcome to this weeks Read With Me. Last week I had a few books that I actually needed to read for reviewing purposes.

read with me
One of them happened to be from a Mumsnet giveaway.

More Than Enough bu Liza Hoeksma is a fictional book that actually rings true to real life.

It deals with life as we know it, babies, relationships and all the things that we as grown ups have to deal with.

I liked it because it came across as truly believable and that made it more interesting to me.

Definitely worth reading.

My favourite that was linked up last week was from Apparently Awkward.

Her review of Where the Red Ferns Grow had me thinking back to the books that I first remember reading when I was younger.

Onto this weeks link up. If you are new, welcome and please take a look here at what Read With Me is all about. Regular linker please get linking, commenting and hopefully displaying my badge.


Happy reading.


  1. Huzzah I'm back in the game! Hope to find some new blogs, Oh and if you are linking her e and are over 40 please tell me - I would love you to join the Post40Bloggers (details on my website) sorry for the hijack!!

    I'm trying to catch up with some books too! I bought a few and they are sitting lonely on my shelf.

  2. Oh and people!!! 9 linkies but only one comment apart from me! Rude!! Get commenting. *wanders off moaning about the youth of today*

  3. Hi Chantelle! I hope you're having a great week! Thank you for hosting this lovely link-up party. :D


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