Saturday 2 May 2015

Project 365 2015 Week 18

I know I say this often but I cannot believe how fast the year is going. May already!! That's 4 whole months of taking photos for this years project 365. I think I'm enjoying it more this year as the photographs are more varied and they don't always just represent the kids.

Anyway our week, how has it been? Well pretty good I'd say. The girls are happy in school. I had to buy Gracie a new school bag as she'd managed to put not one but two holes in hers.

Some friends of ours announced that they were expecting their first child together, so happy for them.

And my husband got great news because he got a promotion at work, very proud of him, he works so hard and it is nice to see it paying off.

Day 116

Layla's teething days are over but I was still rather sad when her teething bracelet broke, seemed like the end of an era.

Day 117

This was mummy and Layla day. We took a walk into town and spent the morning reading books at the library.

Day 118

Caught these two dancing like loons.

Day 119

An afternoon pint. Hubby and I managed to get out child free on a lunch date.

Day 120

Trying on my newly acquired pair of high waisted trousers, hiding a multitude of sins ;)

Day 121

Love how well these two are getting along these days. Practicing plaiting on rapunzel.

Day 122

Tring to get dressed this morning and Layla was demonstrating to me just how I should wear my bra or as she calls it my 'boobies' lol.


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  1. Lovely photos! I love the last one! So funny! hehehe

  2. An afternoon pint, what a treat! Hope you enjoyed it. Sad that the last 'baby' items are staring to go, Layla is so grown up now. Love the dancing photo. #365

  3. Oh, it is sad when you start seeing those signs that the baby days are over. Love the photo with Rapunzel, such a lovely moment. The last photo made me chuckle :)

  4. That last photo is one for her 18th, the afternoon date looks heavenly #365

  5. Promotion at work for hubby is great news! You are looking fab lovely and the girls are doing great! Fab week x

  6. Love the photo with the bra. My daughter is fascinated by them too! I'm enjoying the project more this year too - taking a photo doesn't seem such a chore any more!

  7. Haha to the bra photo!! It is my first year of doing this project and I am really enjoying it.

  8. Laughed at Layla trying to advise on your underwear, she looks so innocent sat there. We use t love the library when mine were young, you can never have too many books.
    Its great to see them enjoying each others company and the dancing looks like it would have ended in fits of giggles.
    Hiding a multitude of sins my a*s*, nothing there to be worried about.

  9. Haha, love that last one! :D My boys wear mine on their head! #project365


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