Friday 8 May 2015

Husband's Carpentry Skills Come in Handy

I knew my husband being a carpenter would come in handy one day. Owning our own house now means there is plenty that needs either changing or fixing and then there is the issue of storage space.

The attic room is where my 7 year old resides and because of it's size and shape, it has become difficult finding places to put all of her belongings ie toys, books, shoes.

Below are a couple of pictures that show just how untidy her the floor in the bedroom was looking.

In order to get over this issue, my lovely husband decided to build her a toy box come bench, this way she'd have somewhere to hide away all of her mess belongings but also a place where she could sit and read.

We already had paint to hand so the things that needed purchasing were :

A couple of sheets of MDF

Hinges for the lids.


It took around an hour to put it all together, would have been quicker if B&Q had cut the MDF to the size we needed, this was minor problem to get over but one we could have done without.

We decided on the colour schem of white and purple because the blinds in Freya's room were a shade of dark purple and we plan on buying white furniture for the rest of the room.

The toybox was made in 3 sections so that we could separate everything inside, makes it all a bit more organised.

And just for fun I thought I'd add in this shot, we all love a good builders bum right ;)

This one bit of furniture totally transformed the room, it made it look cleaner and bigger, more spacious.

We purchased the silver and black cushions from Dunelm Mill and the animal print cushion and the love plaque from The Range. 

I know he's my husband but I was really impressed with the end result. You certainly wouldn't be able to buy something of these specifications in the shops. We've got something that is unique and functional.

And it has made the perfect spot to sit and relax. The sun shines through the window making it feel warm and inviting. I'm kind of wishing this was my bedroom now!!



  1. Awww I lost my comment!

    This is my second try.

    Thats looks so amazing! So true about the room getting bigger and tidier. And I love that love word design! #pocolo

  2. Can we borrow your daddy for a while?!? We have loads of DIY projects to do and he looks like a master of the trade! Great stuff looks wonderful! #PoCoLo


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